Friday, December 31, 2010

Just Wait Until You Get a Lode(stone) of This!

(Please do brightly sing the following to the same holiday tune, pictured above. A most perfect musical accompaniment can be found at the top of my sidebar. Thank you!)

The 'Holly and the Ivy'”:
Most Definitely Non~Traditional

The Bat Wing and the Climber,
When together they’re sown
Into a sack drawn by a string,
Then true romance will be honed!

O Christmas “petals” and green leaves
Mingled to make “one,"
Pledging luck in love: your heart’s desire!
Now real magic has begun!

Bat Wing is the sobriquet for holly leaves, the perfect pet tag for this plant of good fortune, doubly enhanced by it mirror-alikeness to the flying mammal’s wings, mustn’t you agreed?!

On a day taken from a big batch of them
in right front of Christmas, when

all halls had just been bedecked,
with Gemmama’s

(It being a scissor similar to this,
as a child, I would feed it nutty sesame seeds!)

tiny stork shearers in hand, I returned to the mantel’s holly bough to make snippets that would earn me two of its leaves. Spit~spot, I then made gentle sparges of a pair of winter “Bat Wings” and several pluckings taken and saved back from a summer’s ivy, into a heart-red and small dilly bag, sprinkling them like seeds being planted in a garden of new hope! Back-to-back, then, High John the Conquer root* togethered with a matched set of lodestones**, were plussed into the satin sack, after which I blew thoughtful kisses into it, before drawing its ribbon~string to tightness.

*High John the Conquer root is a completely benevolent botanical. Born of Morning Glory’s “feet,” it brings luck and good fortune to faithful believers~in.
** The lodestone is a naturally magnetic piece of the Earth's crust. Famous for drawing love to the wearer, it helps to remove any obstacles that would sidestep new romance.

Ever so quietly, huzzahs I soon merrily mouthed as, after only a two-day’s worth of wearing the lovely Bat Wing conjurer, Thomas (my grandmother’s mail carrier and the man I hush~hush and perpetually adore!) made gentle knocks upon the front door (to the beat of “Jingle Bells,” no less!) to politely be so bold as to ask if I might be able to assist him in purchasing a most special Christmas gift for his little niece.

Safe~keeping my grip, yet without hesitancy, my answer was “Yes!” (Very in point of fact and quite actually, I geysered a resounding “Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES!” ~~inside my happiest head, that is!) The next day’s afternoon, together Thomas and I (<~~How beautiful that “music” is to my ears!) located a delightfully fluffy, black kitten --who would later be dubbed Pollywog, only to be called Hollywog, because “It’s Christmas, Uncle Thomas, and so is she!”–- for him to present to an eight and a half-year old, soon-to-be-spounting-“You’re the best uncle ever!” Natalie. The "To Boot": Coming after his daily rounds next Tuesday evening, Thomas and I will have our very first official date together! Again, I say, Happy New Year!

I thought so certain I would not be posting until after the bells rang in 2011,
but with the possibility of me bursting, well, I had little, if any, choice! lol

Stork Scissors: Trocedero Antiques

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fondly Farewelling Old Long Since

Merely days away from today, calendars will be singing us a shiny new year! And... *gazing into hand~held but unseen crystal ball, bigly smiles a smile edged with promises* ...The future looks bright! As it goes, I continue myself in the happy jumble I call Post~Christmas Tangle, where precious time slips by so easily, so I wish you, now instead of later, a

Happy New Year!

POSTSCRIPT OF THE UTMOST: If you’re making ready spend holly boughs for the tossing~out, please be sure to snip a few leaves as save~backs. I have a

lovely bat wings

tale to tell, which includes these green Christmas “petals” in its mix. I am excited to share it with you, when the holiday’s measure becomes that of dull roar, that is! (My meaning: shortly after the New Year rings in, I will make it my first blog issue of 2011. As they say on TedeedleVeedley, “Please, stay tuned”!)

Nothing but joyful days ahead for you and yours!
Cellar Door

Monday, December 20, 2010

To All, A Merry Season’s Greetings!

(Come closer...closer. Closer still... YES! Yes, that's me! I am La Befana, flying with the twinkling snowflakes in the upper right hand corner!)
Defying frosty winds that blow,
I shout to you across the snow
Merry Christmas!

Happy All is calm, all is bright”!
Ever so fondly,
Cellar Door (and Puddle!)

Credit for visual:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Shoes!

A print from the book Yule-Tide in Many Lands, 1916

I trust you remembered to put your shoes at the door last night? (December fifth marks the get-go of the celebration of St. Nicholas Day! His legendary tale has it that if slippers are left outside bedroom doors on the eve of 6 December, the Wonderworker will visit sleepyheads while they are being just that, filling their shoes with goodies!) Happy chocolate golden coins, pomegranates, ornaments and wrapped chocolate orange peels to all!