Monday, February 28, 2011

For You, One of My ButtonsnBows: A Magickal Shape~Up!

Pie Crust Button

Might I share one of my ButtonsnBows with you? I was hoping you'd say yes! Here goes --Oh! But before I forget, ButtonsnBows are my "ways" to Manifestation (<~~the "bow"), all of which typically incorporate pie-ing (<~~the "button" part). Now on with the show I then be:

When letter by letter in doubt, this is a nice spell for "clearing" (to make what is veiled, or otherwise not evident to the eye or the understanding, reveal itself): As you pie~form a crust, visualize your desires also taking shape. When you put the filling in, bless it, allowing what you have worked with your hands and through visualization to be full upped with positive vim!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Someone's in the Kitchen with Cellar!

An aphorism of one of Palmer Cox’s Brownies, Brownies Through the Union, 1894

On the wall of yesterday’s library visit I did spy a lovely and delightful Brownie
~shipping~ahoy illustration and its poem, framed and hanging, and from which after making a read of it, I and cat Puddle were so inspired as to make it a today’s bake! First, the lovely ryhme I took jots of to share with you, followed by a receipt that is melting moments saying, “More!” and is as easy as... as... PIE to make!

Winter Twig: Walnut

The Brownie Boat

In a dipping mushroom schooner,
With a hey and a heigh and a ho,
Skipper Brownie’s cleared the dock,
For the Bay of I

For the mast he sets a twiglet
For a sail a spidery thread:
With his leaves he gaily paddles,
While all elfland sleeps in bed.

Aunt Driven's Brownie Pie
2 eggs
1 cup sweets
½ cup Witches' Frosting (butter, made soft)
½ cup Bakers’ Dust (flour)
3 to 4 hilled spoons of cocoa (Tablespoons)
1 teaspoon of Vanilla
Mite of salt
½ cup of Walnuts, chopped

Place eggs, sweets, Frosting, Dust, cocoa, Vanilla and salt in a middle bowl, not a large. Beat until you’re mixing spoon is almost tired (four minutes). Stir in nuts and pour into a greased round. Bake at 350* thirty minutes or until done. Pie will settle like a meringue when it is cool. Slice and offer with white ice cream often.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Sitting Pretty!

Designer seating arrangement by Jimmie Martin Ltd

Still awaiting a reply (having already torn two pages from my daily calendar), I this morning decided to give the “situation” a gentle nudge, anxious that I was for an affirmative. Leaving the door open to my Gemmama’s attic, where I made sits to catch up with paperwork amidst the fabric scraps and old clothes racks that I call My Office (Even Professional Dog Walkers must fuss with tedious forms, reports, and other such commotion.), because luck boils down to a positive energy flow that attracts similar energy-- and meanwhilst inspiring myself with many sips a Good~Morning~Be~Yours Honeysuckle Serendipity (<~~Yes, I happily share the receipt with you at this writing’s caboose!), I called my kittycat Puddle to come up The Creeky [<~~sky parlor stairs] and took particular notice of which paw she did place first into the room. For you see, if it is the right mitty, the answer is “yes,” but if the Puddle steps with the left, it is a “no.”


Simultaneously and immediately and sprinkled with magic to be sure, the telephone called out its tune to me! Indeed, the answer I had been hanging on to my hat for but a short while, yet at the time seemed longer, came to me over the line! Jubilation from the rooftops and higher, because it was the one I had been aching to hear: “YES!”

A simply lovely woman, who lives plenty less than a far cry from me, has decided that it is most agreeable to her (and my new charge!) that I forever~on~my~schedule stroll her little sausage dog,


who this isn’t a picture of him at all, since I truly must respect the sweet pup’s privacy (Thank you for your understanding.), still you are given a bit of an idea of this little scamp’s cuddlesome nature because of this visual aid! lol!

Shall we toast in celebration?
Let’s do!

LoniceraPericlymenum ~ Common Woodbine

Honeysuckle Serendipity

Necessary Components:
4 cups Honeysuckle Blossoms (I keep a no~need~to~thaw frozen batch at the ready. PLEASE TO NOTE: Although their color may be affected by the “induced cold weather,” their lucky properties are not diminished because of it.)
6 cups of Sweet (sugar)
½ packet wine yeast
1 gallon of water
(Full Moon Water is best!)
2 succulent oranges, sliced and juiced

After placing the blossoms in a large crock, warm one half the water to just beneath a boil, then pour over petals. Allow to rest until flowers are near~seethrough. Sieve and rewarm to slightly; add orange juice and its pieces, and yeast. Place into a glass fermentation vessel with a lock until the liquid turns to “clear.” Bottle and keep in the cool and dark.

Magickal Relations: Luck, best fortune, and good health.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I've Got a Crush on You,

Sweetie Pie!

May love
and best Valentine's Day wishes-come-true
be yours,

Cellar Door

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Do Believe in Fairies! I Do! I Do!

The Lost~and~Finders

At this summer’s end, before Gemmama flew off for Across the Pond to pay visits to her dearest and oldest friend, Luella, she asked me (out loud and with eyes that I do love how they smile!), “Could you, oh, would you? Please say you will be my house’s custodian while I am far, faraway --and caretaker of my

Spit~Spotty, too?”

Without pause, I shouted, “Yes, a thousand times!“ because magical describes best what my grandmother’s “Home, Sweet Home” is --and her little kitty~catty, too!
My grandmama, the most cheering person in the land
(and I imagine yours is, too, on the grounds that aren’t they all?! Lol!) and delightful Missy L do adventure so well together, and in that the time has been a plentiful much since they have played, my expects tell me it will be many, many days until Gemmama’s distant~elsewhere fun and frolic will cross the finish line! Clearly, then, I needn’t tell you all the various everythings and importants I did have to remember to bring with me for my lengthy stay at my new diggings. Except perhaps one, by reason of February Fairies, namely: my foil bin!

Because I tend to be a Misplacer, I have collected colorful tin foil ever since... ever since... Quite honestly, I can not recall an instance when I didn’t, it’s been that “forever”! There, there. Before the Confusion Bug can take yet another nibble of you, I shall kindly explain myself and this Tried~and~True that I look to on a regular basis.
Whenever I lose something, and no amount of searching and retracing of steps will turn it up, I call upon the fairies. Although I make cut fine lost~article announcement in my greetings to them, fairies always know ahead what has become invisible to human eyes. But unless they are assured that the “loser,” for lack of a better word (Undoubtedly, there is one, however, it escapes me now.) is a sincere person, and that they will receive something in return for retrieving a missing item, and

because they are reluctant to not be bashful, they will look the other way. Being that fairies are partial to sparkly, an offer of sparkly as the reward, makes for the ultimate enticement.

Put something shiny, like a bit of tin foil, crumpled
(I prefer colorful sorts.), under a glass near where fairies would be. (At Gemmama’s, it is in the wax begonia “forest” growing in the big planting box on top of legs with the shelf at the bottom, where naps are taken by Spot, who keeps a cozy bed there. Fairies like flora and fauna!) Then, tapping into that part of your heart labeled “Humble,” ask the fairies to bring back the lost object in exchange for the all~that~glitters.

It may take a few days, sometimes seven, before LO AND BEHOLD! Your missing treasure will show itself in a place you’ve already looked for it umpteen times, or it will be deliberately placed somewhere absurdly silly! (As you know it, fairies are not opposed to fun and funny!) Next on your agenda: un~glass the foil ball to reward fairies as promised. Soon, and not unlike your once lost “something,” the crumpled shiny will disappear!

In closing, might I toss you a pearl of wisdom?
(Thank~you in advance!)

Once upon a Yuletide , I misplaced the book of postage stamps necessary to send my written holiday cards on their Merry Christmas way. Caught without even the tiniest morsel of foil to encourage fairy helpers, I substituted a silver Santa bell under the glass. The very next day, the stamps surprised me from under

the puff~puff

in my dusting powder round! But for three nights that were in a row, I was [Jingle! Jingle!] wide awake!

. . . . .

Thank you ever so much, Miss Danni for this wonderful opportunity to share in your February Fairies jubilee! To my Readers: To make yours a truly magical Faeful February, please accept this invitation to read other participating guest bloggers’ entries. Simply click The Whimsical Cottage button, above.

May a joyful heart be yours!
Cellar Door

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moments of Passion

"Love Birds" is an original hand-drawn illustration
by Nikki Catalano, and is available for purchase ~~>

Happy Passion Fruit Day!
(complete with an exclamation point as golden as the delicious treat 1 February celebrates, and, hopefully, you do, too!)

This fragrant aureate “banquet” for the tongue buds has love powers in this amour~y month! (<~~That of which also devotes its day fourteen to romance!) If you kiss a passion fruit today, most certainly a meant just for you dreamboat will sail in your direction, and a love fantasy promises to be true!

Muah, passion fruit,

POSTSCRIPT: How to make a good passion fruit selection? It must be squeezable. That is to say, if you cannot press your finger into it, it is not the one you’ll enjoy.