Saturday, October 22, 2011

All Dressed Up and Someplace to Go!

(replication of the original)

"Tah-ruly one of Betsy's mother's finest!" declared Gemmama, shiny with a proudness that spoke as if indeed she closely knew the McCall family (perhaps was even invited to Thanksgiving dinner at their house on occasion, because, "Is that so very hard to believe?!?") to her then little girl, who would next grow up to someday be my Momsie♥, gently hand~cradling before her the sewing pattern envelope, whose delicate inner tissues would soon hurry to be received by a specially~selected and magically flowy black fabric, afterwitch afterwhich and in short order (My grandmother's stitches have always been quick and light of motion!) it would become the "Mommy and Me" matching outfit (a look that always found time to tug at Gemmama's heartstrings) that she and her daughter would together share-wear, come a Tricks or Treats evening, decades ago, AND whose scrumptuously artworked packaging had instantly turned Momsie's eyes into platters! (BY•the•BY: Happy Almost Halloween greetings to you, Gemmama, if indeed I have caught you sneak peeking "taking in the sights," even though over and again you insist that something you would never in a million black cats' years busy yourself with is the reading of a blog, the reason for choosing not to mostly being: "The word 'blog' is a silly sound!")

"Push the worry from your stomach," I confidented my littlest witchy~pal, Natalie, who much rathers "Natty," and is my cookie Thomas' sweet niece, days ago when she "I spied" the annual All~Hallows~Even

holiday party invite, joyfully issued to all by Vanessa, who hangs her pointy hat at A Fanciful Twist. Reminding her of my No Witch Left Behind Policy, because the more the merrier indeed, I then did boost the invitation: "In concert you and I shall enter 'through the secret keyhole' (Please to "click" and you shall come, too!) to celebrate this day of days!

From out of my grandmother's second attic, farback
~and~to~the~right~and~left~of~Great~Uncle~Ned's~boxed~wishbone~collection trunk, amore~sprinkled, look~alikey witch garb in sizes BIG (Gemmama's!) and small (Momsie's!) have been borrowed and freshened! But lo and behold a bold fashion statement change, though, for beneath out pointies, Natty and I will lovingly plop old~fashioned, tribute bonnets up top our topnots, only to again plop, this time, ourselves in

(Most sincerely, its flavor is that of pumpkin orange
--and gold-threaded to boot!)

the parlor's favorite overstuffed. There we will herald in this festival day's frolic with a cozy reading of delicately penned in her own hand and likewise dotted with her soft~colored and charming teeny tiny drawings

National Treasure Tasha Tudor's
very first published story

Pumpkin Moonshine!

Its breviary tells: Pumpkin Moonshine is a short little tale of Tudor's niece Sylvie Ann as she goes out to select a big pumpkin for Halloween. Sylvie Ann and her little dog, Wiggy, climb a hill to the cornfield where the pumpkins are growing.

They find a big one and start to roll it home as if it were a big snow-ball. As they head back down the hill the pumpkin gets away from them and speeds into the farmyard scaring some goats, chickens, and geese and finally, bumps into the hired hand causing him to spill a bucket of whitewash. Finally, Sylvie Ann's grandfather, who you can tell by his style of dress is a New England gentleman farmer, helps her carve the pumpkin into

a "Pumpkin Moonshine",
otherwise known as a Jack-o-Lantern.

They put a candle inside and enjoy the grinning face. Sylvie Ann saves the seeds and plants them in the cornfield in the spring.

Orangely primed,
we will most certainly then

be ready for our own
Pumpkin Moonshining!

Shame on forgetful me, because I did not make a mention of the wand~making, did I? Three cheers! because the treating continues, when Natty and I create

fabulous Hallowe'en wands!

Then, no doubt and quite honestly, because I can never avoid not to, we will "bake"

a pie!

And, yes, yes, a thousand times yes, there will be presents!-- Oh! Oh! OH! I MUST SCAMPER! Suddenly and follwing a knock~knock~knockity~knocking at my door, little footsteps are coming up to me! Natalie has arrrived! And if she does over~my~shoulder read this, much too soon she will get wind of the surprises: a paint box whose chips are chock full of Tasha Tudor~y inspired


Natty has yet to have put to parchment, waits wrapped for her in pumpkin print paper, as does, too, a bewitching perfumer of Miss Taylor Swift's

a charming gourmand named after the lyrics her song titled, "Enchanted"!

I'd best be closing!

A Happy Halloween Party to all,
and to all,

A Pumpkin Moonshiny Night!

A Most Important Postscript: Dear Miss Vanessa, I send to you this from~the~bottom~of~my~heartly thank you!


  1. What a wonderful Halloween treat. I love the comfy chair, so inviting, and seeing Tasha was a pleasant surprise. Gotta get me some Pumpkin Moonshine.

  2. Dear Miss Maggie,

    After springing Wonderstruck from its pumpkin wrappers, Natalie has decided to be a witchy Department Store Perfume Sniper for Hallowe'en (Her broom in one hand, fragrance atomizer in the other --with a pointy hat on the "roof," of course!) If it's okay by you, might she get in a little target practice? Psssst! Wonderstruck smells simply enchanting, wouldn't you agree? Tee~hee from the both of us, and a Merriest Halloween to you and yours!

    Postscript: We are so appreciative because you have come to our Fanciful Twist-inspired party!

    Sincerely yours, C and N!

  3. Post Postscript to Maggie: Our moonshining actually meant, jack-o-laterning. But if you do fill your punch bowl with a Pumpkin Moonshine receipt, might I sip~sample the brew? It sounds like it could be a Halloween treat not to pass up! Tee~hhe!

  4. What a wonderous party you're having here! I'm so glad I got an invitation. ^-^

    Pie? Why thank you, I think a slice would be lovely! I've brought a pumpkin with me, to gift to you... Carved with a great smiling face! Moonshine from me to you! =D


  5. Dear cellar Door, Thanks you for the Golden Pumpkin Award. I am honored!!

  6. Hehe, I thought the boozy version of moonshine at first too ;) Loving that jack-o-lantern face made of candy corn!

    Thank you for stopping by my carving party!

    Happy Halloween!

  7. It sounds like a most delightful way to spend an All Hallows' Eve!

    Happy Halloween

  8. Oooooooo, the magic and infusions of autumn and Hallow's eve abound ;)

    ♥ Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  9. My daughter and I were matching witches 2 years ago...such a fun thing to share with a new pair of magical eyes!

    Thank you for inviting me to your lovely blog for a spell :)

  10. Really imaginative post...and you featured one of my favorite illustrators and an inspiration in my life..Tasha would be proud! Thank you for sharing and have a magical Halloween! Brightest blessings...bertie

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  12. Pumpkin Moonshine was (and remains still) one of my favorite childhood books. I have worn out several copies of it over the decades. I really need to get some copies of it for my grandkids, now that I think about it! I've been very busy this weekend so I'm just getting around to visiting at Vanessa's party. Did you get a chance to stop by my wee party post?

  13. Hee hee this was such fun and I love the idea of matching outfits. :-)

  14. Betwixt wonder struck, bedazzled and tipsied pumpkin moonshiny me thinks this shindig shines with wondrous wordsome!
    Have a booooo-itful day,
    Always, Queenie

    Enchanting Decor & PICs.
    Please fly by my party when you can...
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy >^..^<

    Princess Diana's Wedding Ring Giveaway & Halloween Party:

  16. Oh I knew I'd love your post! Based on many reasons! The Practical Magic theme! THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG! You are awesome! Happiest Halloweeeeen!!!!

  17. i love your party!!! and i really love your blog!!! thanks so much for having me!
    Happy Halloween

  18. a wonderfully whimsically sweet party :)
    Sorry it is taking me so long to get round all the parties,
    why not hop over for a spooky tale at my place :
    the more the merrier :)

  19. I so loved the Pumpkin Moonshine story. What a wonder. I also enjoyed your fairy wands. I must make one for sure this Halloween.
    Please drop by for a Cup or two of Mad Halloween Tea, we would love to have you visit us for a Wonderland Party
    Spells and Wishes
    Wendy from Wonderland

  20. Do you REALLY have your Grandmother's and Mother's old costumes? How exciting! and what a wonderful tradition to carry forth...
    Happy Halloween!


  21. You have made quite a delightful halloween party here - I very much enjoyed it. Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven for my party sweets.