Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Ghoul-den Oldie

Whether the night be raw or no, gather yourself up cozy~nested in one of the overstuffeds fronting the warming hearth, and right up close to it, now, because I have the urge in me to spout a Tale Worthy of a Tell, as my Great Aunt Driven always tags them, so, likely, you're going to need a little bit, if not more, of anything that will deflect The Shivers!

White as the Driven Snow

FIRSTLY: Curious? That is, about my great~auntie's nickname, "Driven"? Long ago and maybe even before that, my aunt acquired a new label when her hair suddenly, but for incredibly good reason, whitened at an age typically when it would be least expected!(?) That indeed is another Tale Worthy of a Tell, do tell!

But I shan't. Can't. And I apologize if I have just put you on the edge of your cushion on a count of the "Great~Aunt Driven's Hair as White as the Driven Snow" story untold, as it will have to keep, for I have another yarn I'm anxious to unravel! *caving out of necessity to inform, steals a bit from the Tick~Tock in order give a history that is brief* This much about her I will spew, though: Dear Auntie Driven is answerable when it comes to the whosit, whysit, and howsit of me greatly being interested in the first place in what I'm about to share with you. Read on, then, before you read on!

Whereas some people delight in their ongoing accumulation of salt and peppers
(As in shakers, that is. My other great aunt, Tu, rather finds this a "jolly good sport!"); "books of major significance" *low~tones voice* ~~but then again, mostly NOT, a~hem. (That would be you, Gemmama!); or "decades and decades of spent saliva," as my philatelist Great Uncle Ned refers to his agglomeration of stamps and assorted posted envelopes from around the globe, I, on the other hand, collect ghost stories (and other assorted frightful narratives) ~~a knack, if you will, that I "inherited" from dear Driven, who is likewise a fancier of the same and has treasured me with a many taken from her personal anthology. (Please know that I am till~my~dying~day everso appreciative, Auntie Driven!)

Still comfy? Being sitty before fireplace crackles hasn't become too hot for you? (Please, smooth your upper furrows, because not to worry: stray cinders rarely escape Our Fires, that I promise you.) *sets fun~fussy chin~wags aside* Ready~steady~go, then, for a "bump in the night" taken from my Ghoul~den Oldies file (my collection of ghost and scary stories that always bear repeating) and one certain to give you that goblins~blowing~cold~breath~on~you feel?! This Tale Worthy of a Tell begins:

Way ago back, there was a man
who went out hunting in the woods.

Just as suddenly as night fell, he found himself lost in the forest. It was when more aimless walking and even more aimless walking proved to be circles that did not take him home, that he happened upon a small clearing

where an old, ramshackle cabin stood with its door ajar. Poking his tired and weary head inside and about, he could see a bed with nobody in it, and a fire burning in the fireplace with nobody tending it. As big big yawns did spill from that same head, he shrugged and flung himself on the bed for the night, having decided to explain himself, come morning, if the owner came back.

But before sleep fully took him, he looked around and was surprised to see the walls were largely hung with paintings. By all appearances, they were family portraits, all framed and painted in remarkable detail. They seemed very life~like and, without exception, each subject was uglier than the next. The hideous faces in the paintings made him strangely uneasy. The artist's technique made it seem as if the eyes were staring directly at him! It was quite unnerving. So much so that the exhausted man had to pull the blanket over his head in order to drift off to sleep.

In the morning, the hunter woke up to find the cabin bathed in sunlight. When he looked up, he discovered there were no family portraits on the walls of the cabin,


. . . . . . .

*cups ear and leans in for a listen*

Just as I thought!
No worries.
I never tell this tale without
baking ahead a remedy:

Rubies and Racēmi Nut~Maple Pie
A wonderfully~different delicious cranberry and raisin baked~plate with a woodland filling mixture, whose receipt I shall share with you just as soon as I locate the presently "hidden" card it's written on. (Oh, do I love the absentminded Magic that is me! Lol!) Do look for it listed in my Comment section, hopefully later this day.

Might I interest you in a lovely slice of pie to help settle those rattled bones of yours?


  1. Creepy story, I love how you told it. And now, I'm dying of curiosity as to how Great-Aunt Driven's hair turned white. Surely you must tell!!

  2. But were they merely windows or portals into magical timelyless places....hmmmm We may never know...
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Cool story, wonderful pictures.

    Have a lovely day,

  4. I found it!

    Rubies (Cranberry) and Racēemi (Raisins) Maple Nut Pie

    Pie-crust one nine-inch glass plate, setting aside, first, dough enough to cover it.

    1/3 cup packed Magicked molasses (brown sugar)
    1/4 cup chopped nuts of Jupiter (walnuts)
    3/4 cup packed Magicked molasses
    ½ cup Like Snow Drops (white chocolate chips)
    ½ cup pure Maple Syrple (maple syrup)
    3/4 cup Nearly There (half-and-half)
    3 cackleberries (eggs), slightly thrashed
    3/4 cup dried rubies
    3/4 cup nuts of Jupiter, chopped
    ½ cup racēemi, golden

    The Doings:
    Heat oven to 425*F. Let 9-inch crusted-plate rest whilst rolling out second dough heap on to a floured board. Flour-dunk cookie cutters that will make leaf shapes times three when pressed the roll-out. Give them a place to rest, too. Grip a kitchen shearers to cut leftover flat dough to mirror a crumb topping. Commingle next in small bowl the 1/3 cup packed Magicked molasses and 1/4 cup nuts of Jupiter that are choppy; stir in crust cut-ups. Let a saucepan hold 3/4 cup packed Magicked molasses, the Like Snow Drops white, and Syrple, as it cooky~cooks over medium heat. with you making no~stopping stirs, but just until Drops are melted and all is smooth. Stir in Nearly There and thrashed cackleberries until they be blended. Rubies, 3/4 cup choppy nuts of Jupiter, and, then, the racēemi come next. Introduce this mixture, poured, to and into the crust-lined plate. With a hand that sprinkles it, top with the cut-ups plus topping, then, the leaf cut outs. To prevent excessive browning, foil-cover edges that are of crust with strips of the colored kind, if you have it, because why notty?! Bake 20 minutes. Excuse the foil; reduce oven to 350*F, giving the 20 minutes longer baking. Cool at least 2 hours before serving, though, because that is when it eats best!

  5. Greetings, fellow-scaredy-cat-be-notters Robin Larkspur, Queenie, and Sue! I am so happy you enjoyed this favorite Ghoul-den Oldie (and the pie, as well, I hope? Looky~looky! I founds the receipt for you!) And, yes, I do smell an up-coming blog, Miss Larkspur! One about Great~Auntie Driven's lovely, but unexpected tresses, no doubt!