Friday, November 11, 2011

Early to Two Beds, Early to Rise, Makes a Witch Happy, Healthy, and Wise!

It has forever been a dream of mine to each night sleep in a bunk bed of my "making". (For at an age early to me, I crossed my heart and hoped to kiss a warty dragon

with skin not unlike this,
only stench~green and not a gourd,

endlessly to Momsy, beggingly pledging that I would indeed make clean sheets of both beds daily, if I could pretty, pretty please exchange my Jenny Lind spindle for a set, if altogether bunkies I could call my very own, would be mine!)

Alas, it was not meant to be. I was (Still am.) an only child and Momsy was (Still is.) Practical. With a capital "P".

My own devices, those of which I was left to, and I (above) would become close, make do creative companions for forever and a day night.

That is until today, when a down~the~street tag sale granted me a lifelong wish come true! Merriest congratulations to me, O Momsy, as I soon will catch a bus to Linens R Us, or some other such specialty shop! Then, have a guess, please do, as to where I will be with an enormous bowl of popping corn and a stack of "Must Reads" just as tall (and mayhaps a butterknife to go with a dessert plate with a Bartlett middling it!)? Here's a hint from words I have quietly recited, over and again, beginning way ago:

"If you have bunk beds,
you might as well sleep on top!"

Image Credt: Mountained-bed politely borrowed from French Vogue.


  1. You gotta wonder, was the Prinsessen paa Ærten merely in the market for bunk beds, and not a prince? LOL! Congratulations on your "climb to the top"!

    Sweet dreams-ly yours,

  2. Tee hee! How fun and decadent is that?! :)