Thursday, July 8, 2010

Glad Greetings!

Good Day and Good Welcome!
I will return in short order
with only nice things to say ~~ I promise!

Have a piece of pie while you wait?
Go ahead, I made it myself. It’s double-crusted blueberry and you’re sure to like it!

pie, vane


  1. Aren't you a peach?
    Er, a blueberry. I LOVE blueberry pie :D

  2. Oh, Miss Mermaiden, it's you! You are my very first ever commenter; I'm simply delighted! This is going to be wonderful fun! Come again? There's always pie!

  3. I think that's suppose to be "my very first commenter ever" (?) I think it will be okay.

    You're my first Follower, too, Mermaiden! That's swell!