Friday, July 30, 2010

Throwing the Shoe

While dotting comment boxes with sentiments the day before last weekend was about to begin, I may have mentioned to some of you that my upcoming Saturday was to be about work before play. Midmorning on the 24th, I met with

(She resembled this actress, but was instead partial to the perro chihuahueñ.)
an extraordinary woman,

whose identity I will continue to shelter by referring to her, here, as "Miss Gish." (Truthfully, she is quite the picture of the Silent Screen star Lillian, except that she talks. A LOT. And in a delightful, melodic voice that sounds as if her throat is juggling small stones every time she speaks. Divine!) and her three charming Chihuahuas, to see if the four of us would find each other as agreeable as we did during our phone conversation earlier in the week. (Yes, believe it or not, Miss Gish had her phone set to “Speaker”when she rang me up, so as to not leave anyone out!) Being that I am a professional dog walker and “Lillian,” a potential client in need of my services, I then ventured her way to meet her and her furry family members. Likewise, they interviewed me.

Our meeting went very, very well! Trying to be on their best behavior (The Chihuahua is surprisingly active for its little size.), “Fetch” and “Carrie” were still the adorable little beings who had previously “talked” me into the ground over the telephone, as was their senior citizen-ish, I’m-the-boss-like-it-or-lump-it, visually challenged roommate,

(Not Irene, but close.)

As we chatted at great length and then some, my maybe-prospective charges enjoyed treats from the basketful that I had baked especially for them (One snackette a piece, except for the glamorous Irene, who, even though “she is watching her waistline,” just had to have two!).

Then Miss Gish led our parade to the parlor piano, where she played show tunes that her Chihuahuas would soon be harmonizing to. Their howling was near-insanity, but contagious. I couldn’t help myself and boisterously joined them in song! Lillian suggested we next do rounds, but indeed it was time for me to depart.

Even though and way before our get-together’s end, I was totally smitten with the whole batch of them~~all of whom declared/yippy-yapped “Yes, a thousand times, yes!” to wanting me to be their new walker~~I told them I would have to give my schedule the once over and do a certain amount of careful considering, before giving them my answer. Dog walking is, after all, serious business. I promised make my decision in a week’s time.

But of course I’d draw up a contract!!! Because what was not to love about this distinctive clan?? Miss Lillian is the sweetest heart and, although I’d have to provide additional coats for them when going out in colder weather, Fetch, Carrie and Irene are most affectionate, entertaining, sassy, talkative, playful and robust! And did I mention good at conflict resolution? (More about that in a later-on blog entry, to be sure!)

Nevertheless, to remove any doubt that I was indeed heading myself in the right direction, and to avoid being down-the-road flummoxed due to useless second-guessing, I put on my best slippers, both of which took me straightaway to Gemmama’s back-garden toolshed (because her house was much too high for the task) to perform a simple method of divination known as “throwing the shoe.” I then took off one of my dainty pantoffles and tossed it over the roof of the small barn. SO MOTE IT BE! The shoe landed sole down and with its toe pointing in the direction of Gish Manor!

Tomorrow morning, I will dial up Lillian and the wonderful, new little puppiwinkles in my life! I hope Irene answers. She’s such a hoot!

POSTSCRIPT: You, too, can be popular beyond arfs! To make the same basket of goodies that I treated my Chihuahua pals to, just follow this easy recipe:

(NOTE: These treats are even edible by the human keeper of four-legged friends! And please remember: because not all bow-wows can manage them and because most dogs will not chew Rolaids, be on the safe side. Read over the ingredients to ensure that your poocher can eat what is listed..)

Apple PupPIES

2 cups wheat flour
1 cup instant oats
1/2 cup corn meal
1/4 cup wheat germ
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup apple sauce
2 tablespoon honey
1/4 cup water
Apple Red food coloring if desired

(Preheat oven 375*) To form a dough that will not be sticky to the touch but will stick together, mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl. Food coloring may be added at this time. To give the mixwad a pink tint that really makes the treat look like an apple, add several drops of red food coloring and mix furiously to blend evenly. Flour your work surface and rolling pin before rolling out the dough to a 1/4" to 1/3" thickness. Many times-cut with an apple-shaped cookie cutter. (In a bind? A pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter looks like an apple, too!) Place all treats on a cookie pan ~ Note: because these pupPIEs do not raise or flatten out when heated, like a baker would typically expect, there is no need to distance them on the baking sheet like regular cookies. Bake for 45-55 minutes. Cool thoroughly before serving, or next you will be watching your popularity circle the drain.


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