Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hell's Kitchen

That would be me, the hungry but anxious looking one,
middle-right, about to be served.

It sounded like a very good idea, being invited to my friend Soose’s house for dinner last night. But Shhhh! Don’t tell Soose’s mother: not everyone who can conflagrate a pilot light is a good cook.

I know. I know. If you can't say anything nice...


  1. If you can't say anything nice, at least make it funny! XD

    And what a nice word, conflagrate...

    Hope dinner wasn't too horrid. ^-^

  2. Haha...I love this post. What a let down...especially when you're THAT anxious. LOL. Okay I thought I was the only one that watched Davy and Goliath. I loved that show!

  3. Hello~I've just strolled over from Michelle's for a visit.
    I've enjoyed taking a peek around.

    Sorry to hear your dinner left a bad taste, maybe you can give Sosse's mom a cookbook as a thank you gift for the dinner invite.

    That ghostly story (from your previous post) was pretty scary. I may need a little mead to calm my nerves, lol.

    Come on by for a visit, your company would be nice.
    Sweet wishes,

  4. Hello!!
    I came here by recommendation from the Vintage Sage. I'm so glad I did. *smiles*
    I think shall stay for a while.
    Have a blissful day..oh, I do hope you have a much better dining experience this evening. *chuckles*

  5. Merry hello, BlakkDuchess! Keeping level, I must say that the char-broiled Tater Tot top-crust of Soose's mother's "feast" was the only recognizable part of the dish. (Mind you, I said "recognizable," and NOT "tastey." lol) At least I think they were Tater Tots... For a while there, I didn't think my tongue buds would ever be the same. I thank my lucky stars that they made a remarkable comeback and all was well with the world by the next morning.

    Alas, poor Snoose's father! He and his Mrs. have been married forever. That's a horn of plenty, if you're tallying the number of "meals" she's prepared for him over the years. He is a heavy smoker, though, which might just be intentional: he probably can't taste a thing! I never thought I'd say it, but in this case, smoking does have its merits.

    I look forward to paying your blog page a visit soon. Thank you, again, for dropping by mine!

  6. Merry evening, Michelle! My mother once told me, "I think Davey and Goliath were the real reason Sunday mornings were special to me when I was I was growing up!" I love the way Goliath says "Oh, Davey"! I like playing it in my head when my daubers are down. It makes me feel safe and comforted, like opening a plastic jar of Play Doh and smelling it does.

  7. I very much appreciate your warm welcome, Sara and I happily accept your invitation to come visit with you at your Sweet Surprise! Like Gemmama finds herself reminding everybody and their brother: "Good times are meant to be kept rolling!" Take it from my grandmother, being a "keeper" is the greatest fun!

  8. GOOD good morning to you, Miss Sandra! am so glad you decided to venture my way. (Thank you Vintage Sage, for heading Sandra in my direction!) You're more than welcome to stay as long as you want. I love the chit-chatty visits bring on!