Monday, August 9, 2010

It’s the Greatest Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

I am a mere forkful away from my morning being not unlike what Baby Bear’s bowl of porridge was to Goldilocks:


And yours can be, too,
because by the time this entry closes

the pumpkin pie
I baked for breakfast

will be cooled and slice-able. Inhale deeply, my friend. Do you smell its nice and creamy, spicy aroma? I trust I can make a plate full and pass-able to you? Grand and splendid! I knew you’d see it my way! (REMINDER of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE: Don’t forget to eat the pie point first, making a wish when you do.)

After your last bite, and if indeed you grow your own pumpkins, there’s a hardy chance your day might get even better ~~Can you imagine?! When your thoughts return to your first meal of the day being your favorite orange pie, nothing could possibly beat that, could it?! Read on!

Step lively, my little crickets! Take yourself down the garden path to the pumpkin patch (I’m watchdogging Gemmama’s while she is away.) and see how big "everyone’s" gotten. If the pumpkins are

fairly partially grown,

you will blissfully call today Samhaim Signature Day! While it was only just last week on my end that it was way soon to let creative juices flow, we'll hope for the best, today. (My excitement for this yearly-dearly always seems to build much too early!) Still, if the pumpkins aren't yet ready, at least the seed will be planted, telling "calligraphers" what to do when they are. And if that is the sobeit, from here on out, a well kept vigil on the situation must be imposed, so chances aren’t missed.)

If your orange moon garden is presently all about fractionally-grown orbs, HUZZAH! You’re right on time to personalize them! Using a white-handled ice pick or other sharp instrument, scratch your name and the names of family members and friends on pumpkins. (Be certain the hand-end of yourpenningutensil is like snow. If pumpkin-writing is achieved by the use of a tool whose grasp is any thing less than Casper color, bad luck will befall the writer AND the person whose name highlights the pumpkin. Mind you, this business is of a serious nature.)

By Halloween harvest, the scratch on each pumpkin will have healed over, becoming slightly raised. The result is a very attractivesignature,” if you will, especially if you’ve chosen to inscribe using a Halloween-decorative script. And the Ooings and Aahings of the personalized-pumpkin recipients will be heardround the world, I promise you!

Now how about some pie before the magickal calligraphy begins? Come on! Who is it that can say no to sustenance ala wish?!

pumpkin pie/, Hillary Barker/vine pumpkin illustrator


  1. Ooohhhh...Pumpkin Pie for breakfast! YUM!!!

    And what a wonderful, magickal way to personalize a lovely Autumn Orange Moon!! So clever! :0)

    Happy Haunting!

  2. Glad greetings an a BIG pumpkin-flavored Merry Meet, Jeanne, welcome to my world! I just am in from Gemmama's fruit lot, where I was only able to draw my name on a tiny more green than orange fruitlette, which was not nearly the size of a well-grown gourd. I guess this signature (I wrote "Spot," who is my grandmother's cat)will be an experiment of sorts. But I could stop myself. I had to inscribe at least one of thelittle creature-feature dangling on the pumpkin vine. lol There's a horn of plenty going on out in the P-garden, but the "fragments" are not yet "ripe" for autographs/signatures. I'm hoping to make the virtue patience my best friend, these next peeper-on-the-pumpkin-patch week pumpkin!

  3. Postscript to Jeanne: Did you have pie? At least take a piece to-go? *gently breaks point from a pumpkin pie slice with a fork and offers it* Here, dear friend. I do so much want you to have the wish. Good day with you, then! ~~Cellar

  4. Thank you for stopping by Our Scented Cottage! It is wonderful to meet you. I had to laugh when I saw your post on the pie. I have been craving pumpkin for some reason so baked 2 pumpkin pies yesterday! (I will share. :)
    A wonderful week to you!

  5. Pleased to make your aquaintance, Miss Laura, I appreciate your warm welcome! Regarding your pumpkin pies: don't forget about all the wishes. Two pies will bring many, many "points."

    Best wishes! Cellar

  6. Dear Cellar..
    Your posts always bring a smile to my face, and now a craving for yummy pumpkin pie! my kitchen I have apple pie, cherry pie, and strawberry rhubarb pie. Each yummy..however, now I must have pumpkin pie! It's also a wonderful reminder of cozy autumn days which are just around the corner. I do hope all is blissful in your world (as it stands, all seems to be yummy!) *smiles* May your pumpkin wishes come true my dear!

  7. Oh my but I can smell the pumpkin pie from here! Eating it first from the point is new to me so thank you for sharing that little magical tidbit! Love it!! Have I said how much I adore your blog? I think I have. :))