Monday, August 23, 2010

A Room with a View, Please

Who is to say that ruts do not befall grapevines? Mayhaps a weariness blamed on the inclemency of their regular climb, catches them up, leaving them to long for a sweet, new direction? Or, merely in need of a switch of scenery?

How very curious! Although time spent in Gemmama’s backgarden is always a gift, I sensed something about it was oddly amiss this year. A secret-so-far change had taken place, not quite catawampus, yet this maybe-happenstance left me with the same feeling that a certain off-centeredness would leave anyone with... Perhaps and peculiarly, then, a mirror-difference? It mattered little that my How-Does-Her-Garden- Grow gazing (ongoing ever since coming to take care of my grandmother’s house, while she is away visiting a friend Across the Pond) soon gave way to strict study, and daily. I couldn’t for the breath of me put finger on what had gone twisted ~~UNTIL YESTERDAY.

My Dear Josiette has come to visit! (She hasn’t said for how long, but her suitcases are hardly on the lighter side of heavy. lol!) She is the Outside Mouse and I am the Inside Mouse. My country friend joke-pokingly calls me "Sitty Slicker," because, unlike her, I am "inclined to recline." Yet, oh, how we mesh!

Last night, as we supped on the porch facing the garden (Did you see the moon? It’s nearly full!), Josiette and I took turns between bites to ponder over its mysterious metamorphosis
if indeed one had actually occurred! We would still be slow to figure out what had changed, if just then, Josiette hadn’t suddenly stubbed her toe!

Toe-stubbing has always been the phenomenal prelude to Josiette magically coming up with the right answer, no matter who’s question is being asked! After blowing gentle comfort kisses to her tell-all toe, we followed Josiette’s suggestion and located Gemmama’s house journal. As garnish to some of my grandmother’s decades of weekly entries, snapshots had been generously Scotched along side of them, depicting the featured written highlights. (Gemmama fancies cellophane tape. It’s always a Santa Claus stocking stuffer for her, come Christmas. Actually, anytime!) We ran out the back door with our "answer."

Using a collection of photographs taken of Gemmama’s lush garden growings from years past, we compared. Someone or something had convinced --or yetbetters: had given "permission"-- to the fence grapevine, which has forever followed a "left" path, to travel "right"!

The next time the phone jingles and it’s Gemmama, I will have to ask her if she had words with the tangle in the backyard, before heading off in a different direction herself! It’s likely safe to say, Spell-magick is truly in the backyard air!

Purple: a most perfect onomatopoeia!

Postscript: Yesterday’s supper found Josiette and I savoring large slices of her grandmama’s Dishpan Butter Cluck Pie. Sweetest heart that she is, Josiette has kindly offert the receipt to me, that I might share it with you! Soon, you will be nibbling the same delicious, BIG nibbles that made our beneath-the-moon meal so delicious, as I plan on posting the ingredients and baking whattodos within the next couple of days!

Post Postscript: Thank You, Miss Josiette and Miss Josiette’s grandmother!


  1. Don't be fooled by my silence - I've a-visited before now :) You're up on my favouritse bar actually because I feel such a goof having sooooooo many blogs that I'm publically following so i'm trying to hide my blog addiction lol!
    you're blog posts often tickle me and make me smile...
    :D just like that see?

    Nellie x

  2. Good Day and Glad Tidings, Miss Nellie! The way I see it, blogs are like wishes and cats and PIES: one can never have too many! lol! It makes this heart of mine merry to hear from you. Do come again? Thanks!

    Kind, Sure-To-Set-Your-Appetite-On-High Reminder: Next blog Josiette's grandmama's Dishpan Butter~Cluck Pie receipt! I tell you, you won't be sorry!

  3. What a delightful post! Thanks for your visit as well...what fun!

  4. Thank you for visiting by, Miss Coralie! I do hope you can join me on my next blog adventure. I'm sharing a receipt (Dishpan Butter~Cluck Pie) from my dear pal, Josiette. Should be right up your alley! By the By: Thank you for being so generous with your wonderful receipts. I always look forward to your posts!

  5. Oh look what you've done! My mouth is watering and I can hardly wait for this yummy receipt! *pouts*
    *shrugs* Oh well..good things come to those who wait..right?
    Thank you for always bringing along a delightful zest to your every post. *smiles*

  6. Good evening, Miss Sabndra! I am ever grateful for the cup of kindness you just poured for me. Your generous words have warmed my heart!

    Regarding the Butter~Cluck Pie receipt: sorry to make you wait! At least it allows you time enough to get ready a dishpan for baking! lol! (But if you don't have one, a 6-quart casserole dish will do.)

  7. I too cannot wait for the recipe... my mouth will not stop watering!

    If you pop over to my corner in the aether, you will find an award awaiting you. If awards aren't your things, no worries! ^-^ I'm just spreading the smiles & love around.

    Now, when is that recipe going to be appearing? ^_~

  8. Merry Meet, TheBlakkDuchess! Delicious news be yours: I just listed Geemaw Sudie's (Josiette's grandmama) best recipe!

    What's that you say??? An award awaits me? How can that be? I've only just arrived! OF COURSE I'LL TAKE IT!!!! *composes self* Thank you, dear heart, I love surprises and I love treasures such as what you've just bestowed upon me. But most of all, I love smiles and love spreading around! Brightly blessed your heart be! Thank you very much and than a very muchly more!