Thursday, August 5, 2010

Antirrhinum Majus Magick!

I merely went out for postage stamps, yet I remain stampless. But oh, no, No, NO~~I didn’t return empty-handed. Not in the least. Instead, after a "mysterious force" prevented me from getting close enough to the Post Office doors to enter them, I ended up pedaling home faster than

you-know-who with Toto in her basket,
having stuffed my front and two side-saddle bicycle baskets with all the

they could hold!

I bought nearly the entire first-plantings’ harvest of these bunny-rabbit flowers from a young man who was selling them in big bouquets in front of the postal building (where his better-than-selling-lemonade stand stood). I laugh now, because I must have looked like

a speeding-bullet float
in a posied Pasadena parade

as I hurried back to Gemmama’s! Then, I scrambled to find every single vase, plus any receptacle I could count on to serve as one, to put to good use before the "wilts" set in. Honestly, I couldn’t save myself~~I LOVE SNAPDRAGONS! And, today, they are my favorite flower!

Along with hollyhocks (whose ambrosial possibilities are endless: ballroom dancer dolls, fairy goblets, and my favorite, firefly lanterns~~And are you aware? A certain $pell can change hollyhock pod$ into money as well. CALL ME: 555-1031 lol! And did you further know, early mornings when the air is still cold, you might find a hollyhock with a sleepy, big, fat, black and yellow bumble bee in it that you can pet?!), pansies ("I’m thinking of you," is what they say when you the blossoms send. And wouldn’t you agree, these velvet blooms also bear a striking resemblance to Persian kitten faces?), and sunflowers (Such a whimsical presence, within or without the garden. Yes, pure magic!), the snapdragon is known as one of the "personality" flowers. They are perfect for hiding secrets messages, making clip-on earrings, having "dragon" battles, using as paper clips, and not to forget, they are

(This quirky, yet endearing blossom opens its "mouth" to speak when you pinch its sides,)
great conversationalists!

Scattering the snapdragons throughout Gemmama’s house was like putting delightful Victorian ruffles on each of its rooms ~~and I danced as I did so!

I bring more glad tidings: Spot, is finally home! ("Dancing" must have made up a great share of his away-antics, too, as he apparently "tangoed" with many a cocklebur during his secret adventure. While welcome back hugging, I even considered renaming him Braille. lol! But it took only one "bird in the paw is worth two in the bush" meow from Spot to nix the idea. The occasions are many that I can’t quite wrap myself around the his peculiar, dampifying idiom choices. But instead of struggling with the whys and wherefores, I find nodding in agreement nicely lends itself.

Snoozing off whatever "it" was that he’s been up to the last several days and nights, the little scamp has himself piled round and cozy in a little sleep-heap in the balloon-back. (SHHH! Not a word to Gemmama! I don’t suppose Spot should be making himself comfortable there, since he likes to fun it up with upholstery now and again.) Sweet dreams for now, Spot, but expect a comb-out ala interrogation when you rise and shine.

But the blame is plenty mine, I’m afraid. Late Sunday night, I absentmindedly left the jib door-window open, which gives onto the back porch. That’s when an otherwise early-to-bedder Spot made his move. Having remained relatively calm after two days passed with out so much as a glimmer of my grandmother’s cat on the horizon, I suddenly was an anxious pigeon! I found Spot’s Cat’s Protection Amulet mixed up with the potted plant nearby his exit hatch!! It must have gotten snagged, breaking it free from his collar "ere he drove out of sight" (My apologies. For moment, I was channeling Clement Moore.)

Full knowing a case of Magnitude Frets would render me useless to help the situation, and against my better judgement (I would have to deal with the consequences of using the big "M" for personal gain.), I decided the time had come to invoke Magick. As I was about to make an incantation begin to be, who do I spy at last promenading through the garden gate?! I sigh yet another deep sigh of relief as I lay a snapdragon near Spot's noggin to sweeten his kitty slumber. Sleep tight, my little Prince Charmeowing! But not to forget, when you awaken from your honeyed slumber, I WANT SOME ANSWERS, MISTER.

Cat Protection Amulet

Cats’ notorious curiosity often gets them into trouble. Attach this magick amulet to your kittybink’s collar to keep him of her out of harm’s way.

Necessary Ingredients:
A silver locket
a small piece of bark from a pussy willow
a small jade bead
Amber essential oil
a small square of white paper
a pen with black ink

~Using your most perfect script, write your cat’s name on the piece of paper, then sketch a star over the name and draw a perfect circle around it.
~Let fall a drop of amber esssential oil onto the paper.
~Place the pussy willow bark and jade bead on the paper and fold everything into a tiny packet, small enough to tuck inside the charm.
~Envision your feline friend completely enclosed by a ball of white light. Fasten the locket securely to your cat’s collar while you repeat this affirmation three times:

"This magick amulet keeps [cat’s name ] unharmed and whole at all times and in all stations, perpetually and without cessations."

NOTE: While you’re at it, get your cat a tag with your name and phone number on it and affix it to his/her collar, too.)

Almira Gulch, Victorian snapdragons, Tournament of Roses Parade


  1. Yay! Snapdragons!!! =D
    Hmmm... there must be something in the air, possessing us to pick loads of flowers... After my math exam yesterday, I stopped to pick a large amount of Lavender on my way home... every vase I own & a rather tall shot glass are now bursting with the fragrant beauties! =D

    I'm so glad to hear that Spot made it home! There is nothing worse than not knowing where our furry darlings have disappeared off to... T_T

    Thank you for the pet protection charm... Looks like my kitties will be getting additions to their collars! ^-^

  2. Good day, Miss Merry BlakkDuchess!

    Lavender shots? Is that legal? lol! Calling on a bounty of purple after a math test IS simply genius, though, and, dare I say it? Intoxicating! What better way indeed to guarantee relaxation.

    And I couldn't agree with you more: Never has there been a summer where flowers have been so abundant and abundantly enticing! At times, it is as if they are calling my name ~~and obviously yours, too!

    Oo! Oo! Oo! Any extra lavender flowers? You’ll not be sorry if you put them in this receipt! (Actually, it’s the filling that is the pleaser. So if batching up the bundough, below, isn’t in your cards, “crack” open a Pillsbury cinnamon roll tube (in the dairy case) and move directly to “filling.”)

    Quick Cinnavender Buns

    1/4 cup soft butter
    2 tablespoon sugar
    3 cups flour
    1 tablespoon baking powder
    1 egg
    1 teaspoon lemon juice
    1 cup of milk
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Preheat oven to 350°. In a medium bowl, blend butter and sugar before adding in flour and baking powder. Combine until mixture is fine and crumbly. In a second smaller bowl, whisk egg, milk, lemon juice and vanilla. Create a well in the flour mixture, where you’ll mix (Be brief!) in the milk mixture to form a stiff dough. Do not over-knead. On a floured board, pat out dough to form a 1/2 inch thick rectangle.

    1/4 cup soft butter
    4 tablespoons fresh lavender flowers (2 T if using dried blossoms)
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    2 tablespoons cinnamon powder

    After buttering the rolled out dough, sprinkle it with lavender, brown sugar and cinnamon. Starting at widest edge, tightly roll up the rectangle. Seal the end edge with a brush of milk and pinching. Cut evenly into 12 large coins. Bake for 20 minutes, then check to see if they need 5 minutes more, because sometimes they do. (Not too much with the ovening, though~~ soft is best!) You’ll enjoy these warm or not, but mostly warm!

    Postscript: I bet a newty eye you do well on the exam!

  3. I had to come by and first thank you for joining our enchanted blog party. We're so excited and honored to have you! And I had to say how much I absolutely adore your blog name, being that my son and I are huge (no, MASSIVE) Harry Potter fans and Luna is most definitely my favorite character. So much so that my little marmalade tabby kitty is named after her.

    Coincidences can be quite delightful sometimes and it's positively magic that you just picked up a copy of Practical Magic then found our party.

    I so enjoyed my visit here and thank you ever so much for the cat protection charm! See you soon for midnight margaritas.

  4. Soooo happy dear Spot came home! You remind me so much of Luna...I just love her in Harry Potter. Whenever I want to feel a little whimsical magic in my life I come and read your blog. I would have LOVED to have seen your basket full of Snapdragons! I'm so glad you are joining the Practical Magic party. I'm more excited to see what you will come up with rather than what I will come up with!! Lol! Oh and thank you for the amulet spell. I will whip those up for all three of my kitties...and don't think I didn't notice those Cinnavander buns! Yum!!!

  5. Oop! Look at the big spill I made! My eyes stare at the enormous first reply I made, here, to dear Blakk Duchess! O how my thoughts swelled into much a large comment! (I must have bent and reddeded Miss BD's poor ear! I do apologize!) I barnacled a whole another blog entry to this one. Oop! *pulls fingertips away from the the keyboard momentarily* It seems like I maybe be heading this comment-posting in that same direction! I AM the babbling brook, aren't I? lol!

  6. Cherished Day to you, Miss Anna, what a treat that you've favored me with a visit ~~one to the brim with kind compliments as well! Thank you very much! (Plus a marmalade named Luna?! That is like frosting on the cat!)

    I hardly put a dent in sleep last night. Instead, my head wandered in and through ideas for your 25 September Practical Magic frolic! The celebration is going to be grand, utterly GRAND! A cornecopia of thank-yous from me to you, Cellar

  7. *offers a snapdragon mussie-tussie, pinching one bloom to say "Especially for you!"* Hello, VintageSage! I hope this day will be all that you high-hope it will be!

    Regarding that hobo cat, Spot: You and me both! After Rip Van Winkling for hours after his return, he still hasn't cough up any answers! (By this time, I'd settle for a furball! lol!)

    How grand the Practcal Magic Blog Party will be! What sorts of ideas do you have brewing?!