Friday, September 3, 2010

A Blessing In Disguises

My pal of pals Josiette, who is still inclining backward on the fainting chaise in Gemmama’s Upper Pink Room, where she be wink~catching from our last night’s

Midnight Margaritas
~~Shall we call it a practice run in the direction
of La Boheme Magique and Frosted Petunias’

Practical Magic Blog Party?

Let’s shall! Tee~hee! And forgetnot to trace a star around where it’s situated on the calendar. (“Click on the up~top button for the whole of it then, because the more, the merry meet!)...

I re~gather my thoughts: My dear Josiette, who is a little peaked today, and I are trick~or~treaters in an ENORMOUS way. We were wee~witches in late October, traveling door~to~door in our mumsies’ arms, brimming our Halloween candy sacks to bounteous, when we made our pact to always honor the Trick~or~Treat, and nothing less than TOGETHER.

Yes, I spill: at first, it was all about the chocolate bars and wax lips and all things ju ju be~ish. But soon, the “all about” became the fun and frolic of the disguise! Our delight belongs to the annual dress~up (and our homemade pumpkin tart~filled hands extended to offer sweet appreciation to the kindheart answering the ring of the doorbell or the knock of the knocker, who generously treats the little ghoulies and goblins shouting out their wonderful “Tricks~or~Treats!”).

Ten plus one days ago, we panicked! It was already August 24 and our this year’s Halloween "charades" were yet to be constructed (Our unwritten deadline has perpetually been that month’s first day.), because our ideas of what they would have us be, hadn’t even been realized by us!

That night, we turned to

a wise old friend,

who just happened to be hanging over us and full, for meaningful awakening and great reception to its opportunities. We called on the Moon for abundant inspiration.

Under Lunar luminance and beneath Gemmama’s rogue grapevine, we were granted a potent enchantment: after making ourselves the middle of two mirrors placed opposite of each other so that one reflected a moonbeam back into the other, and three orange candles, Josiette and I scratched our initials into the up~top side of the warm wax of one of them. After lighting their wicks and still seeing the letters of our names, I linked to Josiette by attaching my left hand to the orange cord she held in her right. And with my other hand, I grasped the wand of

Honesty Plant

she held in her left, forming us into a circle. As we absorbed the energy of the moonlight, the candles ~~in particular, the "inscribed~by~us"~~ burned, freeing the letters of our names. Just as they were no more, Josiette and I together clockwised seven times. The trailing cord wrapping round us, gathered the moonbeams about our bodies. We felt rawly and happily opened to receive all that was to come our way!

Retiring for the night in Gemmama’s BIG bed, we slept with freshly~plucked~from~the~moon~drenched~stem honesty seeds tucked under our peather fillows. (Cuckoo birds that we be, Josiette and I often speak Oddly Reversed ~~such fun!)

At the snap of a quick dawn, we both sat bolt~up, just as quick and not unlike two reposed vampires caught in a sun chink, but without the smoke and burning. (EWE! Tee~hee!) Josiette looked my way and I, hers. Joyfully we cried out in near harmony (Actually, I think it be all Miss Josiette’s idea.):

Me: Chinese Lantern (Physalis)

Josiette: Deadly Nightshade (Atropine)
We will show ourselves
as poison plants

Following the gardenyard burial of the Honesty coins, and a honey bun breakfast, Josiette and I pleasant tripped to Britex (four floors of store right off Union Station, packed to the rafters with consummate cloths, notions, etc. We would indeed again squidge our wallets, for only the finest fabrics will due for our Halloween costumes, forever treasures that they are.) A good explore later, I had bought miles-long of

bloody orange
to share!

And Josiette had climbed the library ladder
to find luscious remnants of

Yellow Like Fireflies
and Evening Purple

for her delicate accents.

Tonight, we sew!

Evening Nightshade: K.Chayka


  1. Oh my! What wonderful magic & mischief you two shall make! I simply cannot wait to see your Halloween finery! =D

    You two will be, I'm sure, the loveliest poisonous plants to be seen!

    Happy sewing, my darlings, and I look forward to pictures! (There *will* be pictures I hope?)

    Happy crafting!


  2. Oh what fun! {{claps hand in delight}} :0)

    I love the colors! And just know that you and Josiette will stitch the most beautiful of attire.
    Oh yes, please do post pics! I just love my poisonous plants.

    And I must say Thank You for the Margarita. My favorite. They do always seem to taste best at Midnight....

  3. I couldn't agree more! =D

    I think you've just suggested my next embroidery project! I love it!

    Stuff like this makes me all warm & fuzzy inside for some reason... ^_~

  4. The Moon does give the best advice! I can't wait to see you in all your poisony beauty!

  5. Life most certainly has been treating me to the hectics! Regrettably, I haven't been able to much visit here lately. Forgive? Thank you! Oh how I appreciate everyone of you being by! Next blog, I pledge to you my undivided. Off with me, now, to walk several dogs and then make pies that will be tonight's after-supp "rewards"! (Today's receipt: Biting Cream Apple Walnut)

  6. What fun! Your costumes will be divine, I'm sure!
    Thanks for a wonderful post on the Practical Magic blog party :D

  7. Nightshade? That's Woody Nightshade, not DEADLY nightshade--Deadly Nightshade is Atropa Belladona and has black flowers and black berries. What you have pictured is Solanum Dulcamara, which has purple flowers and red berries.