Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Grape Escape

Anna Pavlova, the incomparable Prima Ballerina Assoluta
~ Photo by Herman Mishkin, 1923

Still unwinding from weekend fussies, yesterday’s lunchtime found Josiette and I turning to a most reliable and dear, old friend to tame ourselves. Yes, the most agreeable grape, forever known throughout the land for its calming and curative purposes and its "makecertain" to alleviate the brought-on-by-the-world (and then some) wearies. Indeed, and by the bunchful, these fruity do~gooders are a natural diuretic (flusher of all that be body and soul toxic) ~~not to mention, their soothing qualities help smooth out tired nerves.

Call on the grape, we did. And some of his closest tags along, too. Then, WE ATE THEM!

What be you? Are you a nigglebit frayed about the edges? All at once extending your bowls would be for the best:

An Enchanting Grape Salad

1 cup of fresh baby spinach leaves (but nibble-sized butter leaf lettuce will do in a pinch)
1 ½ cups green grapes
1 cup diced green apples
½ cup crumbled Feta cheese
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

Gently commingle (so as not to boo~boo any parts) spinach, grapes and apples in a salad dish. Add Feta cheese and mix the ingredients together~~ again with the gently. Add the balsamic vinegar and mindful~jumble once more. Serve immediately.

All~Important Postscript:

Dog with Grapes (1836) by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller
(Or, as I perceive it: Shoo, Fido, Shoo!)

Remember this PleaseHeed: When treating poochies, make the "fun eats" NOT be grapes. Grapes (and raisins, alike) contain a "something" that negatively affects dogs’ kidneys. (The danger comes when the grapes and raisins begin to work their way through a Rover’s system, causing renal failure.)
Truly, being thoughtful of his favorite family member, a Newfoundland, it was dog~loving Ben who was heard to say:

"An ounce of prevention
is worth an ounce of cure


  1. I have always been a firm believer in the restorative powers of the grape! And spinach tastes so much better raw than cooked! :0)

  2. Oh I MUST try this salad!! I've never had a grape salad before but with the feta, oh YUM!! I love green grapes myself...fresh and crunchy. I love how grapes pop in your mouth. :) I'm back to blogging....I've been so busy lately and so sorry I haven't visited in so long!!

  3. Merry heyings, Jeanne! I'm with you as I eat my spinach: I can only chew it in its fresh leaf state. It's far from me how Popeye munches it the way he does! lol!

  4. Merry tidings to you, too, VintageSage! I'm glad life's busies have lifted a bit for you to again be able to do droppings-by. I always look forward to your visits!

    Yes, 3 HUZZAHS for the grape! I remember a childhood game we use to play (actually, just my father and I) in which each of us would hold a green grape in our mouth for as long as we could without biting into it (which called on plenty of salivating, let me tell you!), while at the same time singing songs, talking, eating other foods, whistling, etc. lol! The winner would get to make a reasonable wish before biting into the grape they'd been able to save for the longest duration. It's how I got my first two-wheeler!

  5. The grape salad sounds great!Love grapes!!