Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Incanted Evening, When You Find Your True Love...


Chocolate Cake
for breakfast

A glad welcome then be yours to
Frosted Petunias and La Boheme Magique’s

Practical Magic Blog Party!

There are so very many to chose from, aren’t there?! (And a too fewness of hours to watch and re~watch, and read and reread them all!) Merrily I speak of the plethora of enchanting moments from the movie and the book,

Practical Magic!

Today, my always and forever favorite is as follows:

Young Sally: (Pained and speaking quickly, almost chanting) I hope I never fall in love. I hope I never fall in love. I hope I never fall in love. (She leans her head onto Gillian’s lap, still muttering)
Young Gillian: (Eyes glittering) I can't wait to fall in love!

Sometime later, Sally is gathering ingredients from the conservatory, a room containing many apothecary jars, cartons, herbs and plants. As she speaks, she consults a handwritten spell in her open diary. A dried flower has been pressed between the pages.

Young Sally: (Reciting) "He will hear my call a mile away. He will whistle my favorite song. He can ride a pony backwards."

Young Gillian: (Entering and standing in the doorway) What are you doing?

Young Sally: Summoning up a true love spell, called Amas Veritas. (She plucks a petal from a vase of pink roses) "He can flip pancakes in the air.

He'll be marvelously kind.

His favorite shape will be a star. (Picking more petals from a star-shaped white flower) And he'll have ... one green eye and one blue."

(She picks more leaves and petals from another plant along on the shelf. Gillian follows her and peers at the plant.)

Young Gillian: (Turning from the shelf to face Sally) Thought you never wanted to fall in love.

Young Sally: (Pensively) That's the point. The guy I dreamed of doesn't exist. And if he doesn't exist, I'll never die of a broken heart.

Sally and Gillian stand out on the balcony, Sally holding the bowl containing her spell out in front of her. She stares at the petals in the bowl, and as she concentrates, they all rise out of the bowl into the air. They form a beautiful helix of petals, and, with increasing speed, flutter up towards the full moon above. Sally watches them go, as her thoughts repeat:

Young Sally: And if he doesn’t exist ... I’ll never die of a broken heart.

Ever since my this summer's first crossing Gemmama’s threshold (I came to perch a while at my grandmother’s house mid~July just past, when she warmly invited me to custodian her haunt during the time she be Across the Pond attending to a dear friend.), I have been feeling the feels of a love wanting to be encouraged. But, Shhh! Don’t tell: I admire secretly and from a very small afar, an incredible "someone," and it all took start that first day I received the mail whilest~Gemmama~be~away!

(I can't wait to fall in love!)

And each morning thereafter, I awaken with a makemumble upon my lips: a worthy~good charm (Most assuredly familiar?), invoking Aphrodite to introduce love, THE love, into my life:

Inside it and it in me
Aphrodite of the sea
O Powerful Aphrodite,
To let the love find me!

Yet truly, best met spells use things and actions, as well as words (So certainly: Young Sally turned out with petals plucked and leaves and "stars" offered brim-bowled to an ink~sky night’s Full Moon.), thus,


I will achieve a particular and love~necessary charm this way (Please join me in the spelling, if your "need" ratherish be like mine ~~~but hold tight to this remembering: THOMAS IS SPOKEN FOR! lol!):

Eyes On Me Apple Love Spell

The Integrals:
Full Moon water, enough to cleanse
1 very red apple, but not a schepabbel
(crooked apple): two people who come together in a caring relationship stand equal. An incantation over a misshapen fruit can only result in a less than desirable unevenness!
1 pen that scribes "red"
1 terribly small plane of indigo paper
1 butterfly’s wing
(Do NOT spend a living creature for personal advancements. Instead, scour a meadow, park, or, if need be, a motor vehicle’s grill for this ingredient, that of which lends itself to making true love soar!)
1 large spoon of honey
3 driblets of Oil of Heather
1 rose red ribbon

After cleansing the apple, lance off the lid in one slice, exposing it’s star-heart. With an ever so gentle hand, hollow out the core to leave visible a small star, whose points aim directly, yet in all directions, to love. Write with the red on blue paper the name of the one you want to hold you in mind (and then possibly in heart?) Fold the inscibed around a butterfly's wing and insert it in the apple’s hollow. Then, to the top, fill the love fruit with honey and Oil of Heather. Replace the lid of the apple and bow it with the ribbon. Putting fingertip to your Cupid’s Bow, then to the ribbon’s satin knot, twice spell this charm:

O apple~wellneath
Full Moon
, steeping
Through this night,
heart~wish be keeping.
When feathered song awakens day,
A Longed~For’s gaze shall turn my way.

Now place the apple under a Full Moon’s bright, where its luminous light will charge it until the first song of a bird awakens a new day. (Yes, do make yourself comfortable, as you will have to be alert to its morning sound.) Make haste to then bury the apple in your garden. If you haven’t got a garden, deep earth it in the window box you’ve ahead~of~the~clock purchased just for this purpose. Wait for your results, which should be immediate!

PLEASE TO LOVELY NOTE: And if the first kiss you share together tastes of apples, know then that this be your true love!

Be wise. You cannot force someone to love you, so you should never bid on a heart specific. If heedlessly~needlessly nevertheless describes the do~be of you, it might wind you up thrice times more in love with them then they are with you. Also, forever will you NOT be able to trust that the love is true. Then instead, purely intend that the Eyes On Me Apple be of service only to tie snug enough the straps of your Confidence Bonnet, thusly allowing you to finally ask out first the one you’ve been quietly admiring! (No fears be yours of a self~broken heart because you hadn’t done your part!)

Chocolate heart cake originally pictured.


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