Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daisy, Daisy Give Me Your Answer Do

And now they bow, “With all our heart,
We’ll love each other till us part.”

My co~pilot is my most times alarm clock, too. In so many words meows, Puddle did shortly ago remind me “Morning has come early!” Again might I add, yet I do laugh because she is so sweet! It is the handful of kitty bites in Puddle’s bowl next to my bed I put that she has become accustomed to, a stifle~action I akin to “hitting the Snooze button.” Once more I do a giggle with the “thinks” of a sleepy me making my pre~dawn delivery!

On a day like today and those resembling it as well,

my eyes are unusual platters and I make waits to play “‘Daisy,’ Tell Me Do.” If a pussykitty be your waker, you can play, too:

In your cat’s dish place a small palm of cat treats. Soon after a full feline~belly has been achieved, tally the number of morsels left in your familiar’s bowl. To be read with each treat~measure, recite one line of the following poem that now belongs to the powers of the “petals”:

[first treat] He loves me.
[second treat] He loves me not.
[third treat] He’ll want me.
[fourth treat] He won’t.
[fifth treat] If he could he would.
[sixth treat] But he can’t.

The line harmonizing with the last nibblet awards you your answer. I believe if treats numbered two, four, or six end your story, have at it like you’re putting shampoo to its use: rinse (the bowl, not the kit
-kat! lol) and repeat, because Happily Ever Afters be good human treats!


  1. Kitties are such lovely alarm clocks! :0)
    And your answer was.....

  2. Puddle has always been good with math: she leaves but one leftover! (Thank you, Miss P!) Perhaps I should have named the little scamp "Abacus"!

    Wishing you nothing but pleasants,
    Yours truly,
    Cellar Door