Sunday, August 21, 2011


If You Catch a Firefly
By Lilian Moore (1909–2004)

If you catch a firefly
and keep it in a jar
You may find that
you have lost
A tiny star.

If you let it go then,
back into the night,
You may see it
once again
Star bright.

Lilian Moore, “If You Catch a Firefly” from I Feel the Same Way (New York: Atheneum, 1967). Copyright © 1967 by Lilian Moore. All Rights Renewed and Reserved. Used by permission of Marian Reiner.

Mere moments ago, (If that be, because I couldn't wait to herald!), my pocketbook all by itself opened to my favorite online emporium, Victorian Trading Co., because who could conjure up resistance to


this delightful,
light~full find?!

I've made buys of several! So far, one to go to the Pink Room and one to side~by~side night~light me as I doss in my own nest! The rest (a dozen's half in tally), I still make thinks about what places will be their very own.) What stunners ideed, truly you agree? [About this MustMakeMine says VTC: "We've chanced upon a clever souvenir of those magical evenings spent under a canopy of stars, gleefully in seeking those evasive, blinking yellow 'Lightning Bugs'."]

Also have I claimed


a Wintergarden!
It is Victorian Trading Company's crystal ring, who tells this tale: "Ivy-covered Austrian crystal spans two fingers like a neglected Victorian garden."

Any better do descriptives ever be?!
Such snaggable poetry caught me
hook, line and shiny dropball!


  1. Love the fireflies (or are they will-o-wisps?) floating around. So very cool!
    And I love Victoria Trading Company - I could spend, spend, spend there!
    You made some very lovely purchases. :0)

  2. The wintergarden ring is a spectacular find! Do you mind if I follow your lead? I'd love to give this to my daughter on her birthday. *spins like a bottle at a teeny bopper party* Just point me in the Victorian Trading Co. direction!

    P.S. Thanks! Puppet's going to love you for it. (She's turning 19. Can you believe it?!)

  3. Good day, Miss Jeanne, many smiles be yours today, both coming and going!My carrier~beau Thomas delivered Victorian Trading Co.'s Halloween catalog the day ahead of yesterday, and my eyes remain widely as I make thinks of all the treasures it offered me peeks at! (I am quite partial to a witch cameo that I surely must place an order about!)

  4. *like a Cupid's arrow soon to set sail, points a mumsy destined to be most popular, come her Puppet's birthday, in the direction of the Victorian Trading Co.'s gift~giver's~important page* Off you go, then, Miss SparkleFarkle!

  5. Thanks, again! I placed my order this aft. (Picked out some lacey slouch sox and a witchy cameo for Puppet, too. So many treasures to page through! And those wonderful people at VT Co. tossed in a free owl pendfant to boot! I couldn't be happier! (My daughter's going to be thrilled to pieces!)

  6. Love your blog! New follower and fellow Practical Magic Partygoer.

    Dana @ on the Broomstick

  7. A hello that sings happy to you, Miss Dana! Thank you for stopping by and becoming a follower! How fun that we have Practical Magic frolicking in front of us!