Friday, October 22, 2010

Anything Can Happen Night! (Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon)

Hat up top?

Manicure complete?

Then gather 'round and make hands joined, as we do

Sing a song of teacups
A pocketful of nigh,’

and twenty berries black
baked in

a pie!

The last grain of hourglass sand
has made its trickle!
HUZZAH! and give nods of approbation:
At long last, let the merriment commence!

In celebration of

“Follow me along a moonlit path.
Into the deepest heart of the autumn woods.
Where burnished moonflowers and twinkling lanterns light our way”
--Frosted Petunias
Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon,
ever so graciously hosted by Frosted Petunias, along with her sweets Lucinda, Fiona, Luna and assorted witchy kin, whose furtherance is nothing short of sterling, and because pie is my life, I have baked a Four and Twenty, Then Some More (an old-fashioned blackberry pie), truly whose dressing is as indigo as the night’s sky during this auspicious All Hallows' Eve Moon’s tea~feast!

How howling that whatever streams from Gemmama’s teapot nozzle is the exact tea blend your tongue bits have tastes for!

What be your pleasure then?

Dragonwell Green? Blue Oolong? Or mayhaps my old trusty, Bergamia~Chamomile (hinted with Spearmint)? O what a magic this night owns! ‘Neath a Moon, whose fullness belongs to this Halloween, it is lovely to know that its moonlight is a “same” we are sharing!

Now, have your fork be lively, for I shall serve pie! (<~~ A pause that most certainly promises to be toothsome!)

Pie-seconds and teacup morepours must make waits, as some unsecretting is what I have forthcoming. Perchance not really a hush ~~likened it more to an at last happening of an opportunity to impart the how-tos regarding a little “something” that makes for happy catch and carry. Your curiosity is what I’ve piqued? Let us then put hoof to

a hoot~lit path,

leading us more to than fro, yet a mere four pumpkin luminaries from the garden’s open-edge, where Moonlight is its shiniest.

Whilst we find our way, your ears be open to my spill:

Halloween Moon

Ago two Octobers, I was passing the time in an apothecary that offered magazine reads while orders were put to prescriptions. My paging-through was lackadaisy, being that I was seized with thoughts of Full Moon charged water, before all else, using clear jars to hold the in progress water. “There simply must be a prettier way to contain water go-abouts and its transfer,” said my thinking. Straightaway, the next article featured in the Garden Gate I was strumming, was one concerning the making of a sand-cast birdbath, that of which we are standing before presently, and that of witch which is not a feathered-friends’ tub, but my

(Ever so nicely does the Full Moon Water drizzle from the folio’s “pointy” into a decanter! Not to mention, this rhubarb is portable as well. From my home to Gemmama’s I brought it with me, at the time in which she crowned Cellar Door her Household Custodian, while away she is Across the Pond.)
Drawing Down the Moon Leaf!

Although a mix of jumbles did infect my plan, kind Mr. Google did save this night. Originally, I was to picture “leaf” doings and list jottings of most important instructions. But Josiette and her camera had before now vamoused the coop (a weekend’s holiday on her horizon be), and then not for the life of me, could I conjured up the sand-casting proceedings, specific. Determined not to begin this sentence with “alas,” but most probably due to a happening by a lucky chance, I was able to locate the precise tutorial that did guide me twice-years back! You’ll discover the need-to-knows on THE VERY PAGE (<~~Please see the outloud-printed link at this post's end, if this "click" leads you to an "Oops!") that I’ve turned to for you, in the Garden Gates magazine archive.

Since its season has come and gone, sand-casters might be hard-pressed about their edges to find a rhubarb leaf for the picking. Thoughly, methinks

a Catalpa fan
might whole-heartedly be up to the task.

. . . . . .

Shall we reappear at the awaiting tea table?


Now where were we?

Ahhhh, yes!

(Hopes be you kept your fork?)

If the above link to Garden Gates is best described as out of commision, copying and pasting would best do the trick:

How To Build Hooty Luminariums:
Martha Stewart

Witches Sipping Tea found at
Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

Blackberry pie


  1. You have reminded me that I have yet to set out my beloved cast leaf, and today would be a perfect day to catch full moon drops!
    I lovely visit once again.

  2. So many wonderful things in this post... I enjoyed reading it. And love the pictures. Thank you for sharing. xx

  3. thank you so for sharing your leafy makings, i can't wait to try it out myself...i truly enjoyed your tea party and will visit again soon!

  4. Oh what a pleasure to stop by your blog and share a cup of tea. Thank you!

  5. What a great party post! That blackberry pie is divine! And thanks so much for sharing those links. I've had such a delightful time. Thank you.

  6. What a wonderful party -- thanks for posting all those great pictures! :)

    -- Birgit

  7. I want some pie! Very lovely post!

  8. Love the pie! And yes I want seconds, Really enjoyed your post such a great blog!

  9. I'm deliciously stuffed full from all those decadent pies. And I love your moon water catcher, just enchanting. Thank you for being such a wonderful host and if you feel like stopping by to drink tea at my house, I'd love to see you.

  10. Thank your for the Dragonwell Green Tea and pie! I had a wonderful time at your tea party! Thanks for the invite!


  11. This has been a most lovely tea! Thank you so very much for sharing!

    Blessed Be

    Stop by for a spot of tea if you please!

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  13. Thanks for the tea party.
    The pie was fab!,,

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    Thank you :)


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  15. Thank you for letting me sit down for a cup of tea and a pie that kept my mouth shut and mind a wandering. Yummmy.
    Please stop by for a visit..

    Spells and Wishes,
    Wendy from Wonderland

  16. Dragonwell Green Tea, Blackberry Pie and a hoot-lit path!! Oh my...I feel I might swoon from such delicious delights! It is always a joy to indulge in your scrumptuos posts. Thank you for sharing the lovely tradition of moon caught dew drops and for joining me on this wondrous moonlit eve! You are magic!


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  21. Thank you for a wonderful tea party, so much to see and do and your pie was just scrumptious. Hope to visit again soon.

  22. Thank you so much for the pie and Dragonwell Green Tea, they were most delish!! What a magically wonderful party you had my dear!
    Brightest Blessings, Seshat

  23. Such fun! Sorry I'm late, hoping you'll drop by, I've kept the kettle hot! Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Blessings!

  24. Such scrumptious delectables and hoot is a sweetie, so warm and glowing bright to light my way to your yummy tea party. The Moon dew drops sound so romantic….I must try the leaf next year in my garden. It was lovely of you to have me at your tea….enjoyed it a lot.
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  25. Thank you so much for having me at your party, I am a tad bit late , I am ever so sorry! Thank you for the get well wishes and the old fashioned blackberry pie :-) It was so scrumptious! Penelope would also like to thank you for stopping by and enjoying some pumpkin cream puffs with her friends :-)
    Have a Happy and safe Halloween!

  26. Oh Me! Oh My! I do feel like the White Rabbit! I am so late for this tea party!
    My apologies to the Hostess! ♥

    What fun and what scrumptious delicacies were to be had by the attendees. :0)

    What a wonderful way to charge the water under a Full Moon! (love the Halloween Moon image!) I have a Mulberry Tree that produces HUGE leaves that would be so good for this. But I would probably choose a Hosta leaf and even a Rhubard leaf.

    Thank you so much for keeping a few leftovers out for me! :0)