Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No Time Like the Presents!

Although yesterday’s Sun was being shiny, in chorus a softhearted, steady~down rain arrived –-a light-footed pouring, that of which all-at-once took me by surprise with its impulsive swings: this a way and that a way, then back into a quiescent state it did once more situate itself.

Meanstwhile, our Brightest Star had not taken leave of his senses and glowed he still did. In and out, his brilliance was now more akin to glitter. All of these together-weather bits put this wondering into my head: was I soon to stand under a rainbow?! A fabulously magical rainbow?!?! Lo and behold! Just like that, I was! Because my Thomas was on the front door knocker, turning it into all gentle brass poundings in order to deliver Gemmama and Luella’s cards to me with a parcel ever so carefully barnacled beneath them!

I think I’ve made before mentions of Thomas? He is my grandmother’s postal carrier and my intended Romeo, but, thusfar, only from afar! My feelings for him are unbeknowst to Thomas. Thence, a deadline I have set for myself to ask him, “Scotch Broth is a filling soup of which I am stove-simmering. Please do feast with me this night?’ or “A dessert of Molasses~Ginger cookies so nicely goes with my special receipt Chicken Barley Stew. Please, might I share both with you on an evening of your choosing?”

Too forward? “Heavens to Betsey” be my oath! My internal planning of such an event makes for tizzies and pretty, winged creatures who give me stomach ruffles during this time that the Nervousy Bug does take big bites of me! Courage, Cellar, courage! Deep, deep breaths be mine, and “All in good time” are words I speak to me for the calming. Secretly I do pine for dear, sweet, unaware Thomas. I long also for the day on which the “un” easily drops away from his descriptive.

Goodness! How my mouth is a dash-about! Tee~hees then be yours and mine, since this Cellar Door chapter is to be not about the whys, wheres and howfores of the romantic brew bubbling in my caldron. Here be the instead:

Two days after yesterday marks my being on this lovely Earth for twenty-six years in all! (“Nearly born on Halloween, was I,” my voice gives. “Wouldn’t you agree, that measures for something?” lol) And sweethearts are Gemmama and Luella to


When Thomas handed me the birthday package (at which time, flutters hastily replaced the beating of my heart as his hand did brush mine!), I was profoundly green at the start, as the postmark divulged Gemmama and Luella’s corking whereabouts. Their Halloween holiday has taken them to Amsterdam (where, conceivably, they will conjure up the spirits of Vincent van Gogh, Johann Vameer, Jheronimus Bosch, and Rembrandt van Rijn. With both girls wearing a Master on each arm, because so very much do they enjoy the Arts (“The finer, the better,” claims Luella.) and are quite fond of accessorizing as well, they will go for the Dutch gusto, to be sure! Oops! Please not to disremember Gemmama’s funnyman Jan Steen, who is as gay and animated as any of the party~goers in his paintings! For that, Gemmama has nicknamed him The Carouser. What a fun ‘n frolic his spirit be! O how his humor ensorcels! Many are the times she has called upon Mr. Steen, which makes him a frequent ghosty guest in her home. Positive I am that she will enlist him whilst Netherlanding.

Upon opening my present box, instantly, my envy would turn into ear-to-ear smiling that crossed my face again and over and again! Luella had made for me one of her

signature “ variegateds”: a cozy, hand-knit scarf with an accompanying notecard on which was written:
Dearest E. That Ever Be:
Best Birthday Wishes!
I love you in the ‘worsted’ way!
Smooches, L

(Not about to put into place a case of the Left-Outs, because “It makes for hurts that truly linger,” generously, Miss Luella did send Josiette one of the same, only in yellows!)

And great HUZZAHS to the sends
Gemmama lovingly full-chocked
the carton’s bottom half:

(Second only to pie, Jimmies are my life!)
Dutch Chocolate Sprinkles!

(A custom of edible letters goes back to Germanic times when, at birth, children were given a runic letter.)
A Sinterklaas Chocolate Letter
molded to be an

the initial of my given name!

And last but not least (because it is best of all!):

(A Barbara Wiggins notebook)
A foiled amethyst Spellbook,
bearing a secret castable created by Gemmama especially for this Birthday Girl, penned in her delightful nervous-pigeon-walking scrawl!

By the by: most possibly
could I interest you in a hardy slab of

Pre-Birthday Cake???

Credit where credit is due: Birthday Cake:


  1. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your gifts. My mother is Dutch and when I was little I used to get chocolate letters and I would eat sandwiches with chocolate sprinkles!

    You brought back a wonderful memory. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Miss Joane, whose name spelling is most beautiful! I am happy that my mentions have sparked such heartcockle-warming memories for you! *offers dessert pale heaping with Birthday Cake* Let's sing Happy Birthday, this time to everyone having a Birthday this merry Halloweentide!

  3. It is the wee hours of my birthday morning. In two minutes, I was born 26 years ago! Happy Birthday to everyone having a birthday this year!

  4. wonderful! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. Happy Birthday, I love your background of red and pink roses.

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday! What a sweetheart you are to invite us to share the most delightful and fun Birthday Cake I have seen in ages. ♥
    What a delightfully fun Birthday package you received! So full of heart-felt gifts. :0)

    You might ought to have invited Thomas in for a piece of cake.... {{wink}}

  7. One...Me...again, Me. How glorious, others are arriving! Two, three, four! That equation answers to a six~~ and six most definitely turns dessert servings into a party! A Happy Birthday Party! Thank~you, Joane, Coralie, A Solitary Pagans Path and Jeanne, for togethers on my special day and for accepting shares of Celebration Cake!

    As for the mention being of cake, are you enjoying your piece? What flavor might your tongue bits be tasting? (This be a Magikal confection: Once upon a time (<~~after the last squeeze of frosting did primp it), the swish of an overhead Catalpa Pod Wand empowered it "Specific." The slice that you are served becomes the flavor of your choosing! Enjoy!

    Happy Birthday to everyone having a birthday this year!

    Postscript to Miss Jeanne:Your "Thomas Takes the Cake" suggestion is brilliant! Thank~you!

  8. Happy Birthday! :)

    Greetings from Germany,

  9. Happy Happy Birthday to you! I hope your 26th year is as delightful as you are!

    I would love a share of cake as well. Count me in! And do invite Thomas to have a slice of real cake with you. He could be your true love! (Especially if that is what you wish for as you blow out the candles!)

  10. happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!!!
    I hope your day was wonderful and the cake delicious!!!