Saturday, October 16, 2010

O Witch Who Emboldens Me, I Am Beholden to Thee

On bended blog~knee, a plenty humble pardons I do beg. Even so it be but a mere wiggle-worm after the calendar’s circled day intended, I am nevertheless tardy sans excuses. A College Witch’s Experiences (who has since bibbity-bobbity-booed into Confessions of a Couuntry Witch) merrily hosted an

“Inspiring Witches Halloween Blog Party” on October 13 (one day x three ago = the wiggle-worm span). Presently, please do consider my late-to-the-table? I send lacey~hearted thank yous!

Ever and again --and consistently, too– it is the little things in life that this Cellar Door draws sweet inspiration from! A perfect illustration: the wee witch I did first encounter in one of my Mother’s well-savored comics, saved back from her early years. With all my heart and soul and, in all likelihood, several select eyes of newt, I wanted to mirror the hocus-y pocus-y do~gooder that

Wendy the Good Little Witch was!

Her certainty to use her magic powers to do all things charitable only, would leave an impression of the most forever lasting kind on me. Miss Wendy, my rooftop let~loose remains uninterrupted: “Estimable” be thy middle name!

Latterly, she would be

realized "live,”
top billing with friendly ghost friend (but and thus farly, not so “live”),
Casper, in the bewitching television movie,

Casper Meets Wendy,
over again and gently reminding me of where I needed to be.

HUZZAH! In the wave of a wand, Miss Wendy has grown up, and guesses be yours? She has flown her besom high plumb! My meaning: again inspiring and delighting, she has successfully navigated another air path yet! This go, it be the literary one called “Authoress”:

(Look what found its way into my shopping basket, today, it did!)

O the courage and sugared inspiration “Wendy” unknowingly and constantly offers! Perhaps, then, my time be the nowly, too?! YES and YAY-HOO! I shall gather my inked snippets and coral my many savings of jottings~downs, and weave them together, because *sniff-sniffle* methinks I might finally be catching scent of a Cellar Door page-turner, bubbling in that shouldered caldron I call “topknot”!


  1. A wonderful post. I will be hosting this party again next year so keep a look out for it when the time comes again.

  2. O Miss Willow Silverhouse, how delightful that you came visiting! My sincere sorries for neglecting a looksee at my calendar of special bloggy events. Please do forgive my belatedness and many thank-yous for placing my "connection" to The List. Regarding your invitation to next year's witchootenanny: I ACCEPT! Thank you!

  3. Wow, I had no idea Hilary Duff had books out!! Great post even if it was late!! :)

  4. How fun! {{claps hands}} But then I always have fun when I come to your place.

    And I would love to read a page turner that you inked. :0)

    Thank you for having us over. ♥

  5. You were using a moon calendar, therefore you were not tardy.
    Wendy, ah, a good friend of my youth. Although a treasured keepsake of that time is my talking Casper doll.