Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enchanter Claire de Lune Is About to Be!

Make ready, make steady...

Hourglass sands shall
soonly sprinkle their glad tidings

Frosted Petunias Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon
Follow me along a moonlit path.
Into the deepest heart of the autumn woods.
Where burnished moonflowers
and twinkling lanterns light our way”
--Frosted Petunias.

Tea~Party~Under~a~Halloween~Moon Telltale:
The more, the merrier!


  1. Oh dearest me!! What wondrous mention of my almost upon us soiree. Claire de Lune is an enchanter indeed and I too am enchanted as well! My magical brew bubbles and boils as I speak. Our glorious celestial orb waxes and the whiskers on my sweet Luna's nose are twitching with excitement of the most bewitching kind! We thank you and await with bated breathe your presence at our magical feast!

  2. Anna: *claps fingertips together, rapid fire* I jump for joy! I am happily unhinged with excitement! *assumes an Alvin the Chipmunk voice and, to the tune of " The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late," sings* O Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon, don't be late!

  3. I will be here - there had best be pudding!