Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the Offing: A Pearfectly Delicious Celebration!

My Sweet Inspiration: Pushing Daisies!

Yes, and yes, again, I do! ~~> Many a plenty merry make~readies, presently baking in the noggin~oven that I shoulder, is what I have! And yourself? What say you? Or have you forgotten the preparedness that should be in the fire, if you are as committed as I in keeping the auspicious holiday that a red circle has found its way to (via catty~cornering left and down from the smack~dab middle of the first page of the New Year’s calendar), rounding the day numbered 23? Ahhh! I am simply vigorred with the thought of its "nearly~here": National Pie Day!

Prunus, Bartlett Pear,” a watercolor by Linda Kneeland

Even though not quite yet am I ready to un~secret all of my love~affair~with~pies promotional excogitions, this much I am able and happy~willing to spill: it is a crusted bake of a Bartlett and Gruyère that I have bigly thoughts of!

Then you'll accept my invitation to return on the twenty-third of January? Please say yes? I look forward to seeing you, is why! Uptop a dainty dessert plate with a fancy fork at its side, the promise of a warm slice waiting for you will become true, this I whole~heartedly pledge! (Unless bravery finds me, for then it will be Pie Pops instead!)


  1. I just love pie - apple, pear, peach, cherry. Of how I could go on... :0)
    Not to fear,
    I shall be here!
    For a slice of pie,
    Oh me, Oh my! :0)

  2. Jeanne~~>Your rhyme-iness makes my heart cheery; thank you my deary! (lol! It is so obvious that you are the poet, not I. lol!) Plenty thanks, too, for red-circling the 23rd on your calendar; it will be delicious fun!