Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Things Happen in Threes!

"Magic is desire made real." --Diana Bishop, after both her desire and magical prowess exceed her expectations. (Borrowed from A Discovery of Witches: A Novel by Deborah Harkness)

Cloud Number Nine
is where you'll find me
and here be why:

Inside the special double-issue of Entertainment Weekly that Thomas did deliver Friday morning ~~turning those particular minutes into the brightest and shiniest part of my day, not to make mentions of the plenty of glitter that continues to fall from my sky ever since, because, yes! My postman and I will date again, come Thursday’s evening!~~ was printed this joyful noise:

(My words~~>) To be released 08 February of this very year,
a fiction by writer Deborah Harkness titled:

Reviewd by Karen Valby (Her words, courtesy of my forever bible, Entertainment Weekly):

“Does this sound familiar? A woman falls in love with a moody, chiseled vampire with a great wardrobe and a quick temper. Of course it does, and comparisons between Twilight and Deborah Harkness' extraordinarily fun debut — the first in a planned trilogy — are unavoidable. But A Discovery of Witches, a thoroughly grown-up novel packed with gorgeous historical detail, has a gutsy, brainy heroine to match: Diana Bishop, a renowned scholar of 17th-century chemistry and a descendant of accomplished witches. Diana has spent most of her life resisting the magic within her. The power she's long denied swirls to the forefront, however, when she opens a bewitched manuscript in Oxford's famous Bodleian Library. Suddenly every vampire, witch, and daemon — yes, they walk among us; we humans are just oblivious to their presence — is up in her grill, hungry for the secrets she's unknowingly unlocked. It's 1,500-year-old vampire Matthew who makes the biggest impression. Diana falls madly for him, breaking every rule about interspecies dating. They're a formidable team, which is lucky because Diana's roiling power has unleashed all kinds of crazy.

Harkness writes with thrilling gusto about the magical world. Whether she's describing a yoga class for witches, daemons, and vampires or Diana's benignly haunted house, it's a treat to suspend disbelief. Alas, there's a bit of bloat to the book. In a particularly saggy patch, Diana and Matthew loll around a French castle, checking e-mail and tracing each other's collarbones. But just when I began to wonder whether A Discovery of Witches was nerdy-cute rather than truly magical, the plot accelerated. As the mysteries started to unravel, the pages turned faster, almost as if on their own. By the most satisfying end, Harkness had made me a believer!”

Did your ears catch that?!
It’s a planned trilogy!

. . . . .

Postscript of great importance:

Might I interest you in some

for the go?

Side by side with good news,
it’s a wonderful start to any day!


  1. It does sound interesting..... And congrats on the next date! Sounds like things are percolating right along. Have fun! :0)

  2. P.S. I L♥VE your blog's new look! :0)

  3. Thank you for stopping by the cottage! I will take your Gemmama's advice on my gardening tools and get them in shape for their spring and summer's work. I don't think I have been giving them the respect they deserve. :)
    Hugs and wishes for a day of wonder.

  4. Jeanne, hello!

    Although Thomas and I will not literally be in the kitchen (At least, at this point, I don't think so~~lol!), as we will be going out for our dinner date, I'm hoping the evening "cooks" up a Good Night kiss to sweet~seal a romantic interest!

    Thank you for the nice words about my new blog frills. The starfall is a bit bashful at times, but aren't we all? lol!

    Good day be yours,
    Cellar Door

  5. Well if it isn't my favorite grape grower! Hello, Miss Laura! I am so happy to have you drop over! By the by: Gemmama also keeps her garden tools tidy-lined up. She says, "'Help' that thrives on order most certainly is deserving of our respect. ...and, it makes the shed look presentable, too."

    A day of wonder to you as well,