Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reflection Connection

Here and there, when happenings fall under the same header as such occasions as waiting in line to be cash~registered at the market; biding your time while the column leading to the cinema box shortens until the next ticket purchaser becomes you; beguiling tick~tocks whilst seated in the doctor’s salle d'attente, where outdated periodicals can not possibly cut mustard and

you don’t knit;


under the hood
is where an appointment has you,

I will play a secret game calledSpitting”! Only one rule belongs to this amusement, and it is the same as its aim: find faces that resemble (<~~aka spitting images) movie stars, celebrities, pets, or inanimate objects and the like! Near~mirrors are good, but

make for best!

Its fun is but a harmless devil’s way to fritter minutes! So, if you have no choice but to be doing just that, why not do just that?! And, as part of yesterday did unwrap itself, I discovered during our popcorning to Lady and the Tramp for the umpteenth with dear friend Soose (After all these years, that love story still takes us both away!), the game can sometimes be a put~a~smile~on~your~heart happenstance, as well:

The proof is in this pudding:

Here is a picture of

Luna Lovegood,
a very favorite witch
(whose “another” picture I proudly wear as my avatar),



a Spitting
that unexpectedly crossed our path
Tuesday afternoon!


  1. Squee! It's most definitely Luna (also a favorite witch) in puppy form! =D

  2. Hello, BlakkDuchess! So nice to have you come for a visit! Do you know "who" else I think Miss Luna resembles? Fancy butter!

  3. Well a most Spitting and certainly adorable puppy Luna that is! What a fabulous while away the minutes game. I will remember this the next time I find myself waiting and waiting. And thank you ever so much for the eye popping picture of glorious streamers!! Oh it's even better than being locked in at Honeydukes for a night :) You are magical!


  4. Oh My! Hubby & I also play this game! We started when our offspring were little as a way to keep them amused (and pass the time) when we were waiting. So much fun! :0)