Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Day of the Apple Fruit - Come, Let Us Make Merry!

(Giving attention to this picture: I could not resist!)
Merry Little Christmas!
Women’s Christmas
- 6 January

Garnished up are you with garlands and ribbons?
Have you drained your wassail bowl of Lamb's
~Wool yet, singing:

Wassail, wassail all over the town,
Our toast is white, our ale is brown,
Our bowl it is made
of a Maplin tree
We be good damsels all,
I drink to thee!

Lest yours has been mislaid, here affixed is a

Receipt for Lamb’s~Wool
(The Drink of Good Wishes)
A "Door" Translation of the Authentic Lambswool Recipe, 1863,
snuck away from Gemmama's library’s top-shelf, taken from her cherished copy of Cups And Their Customs by H. Porter & G. Roberts, Published 1863

To one generous quart of strong, hot ale (or cider: sweet, or cider and ale commingled), from six cored-to-get-rid-of-the-pip, roasted apples contribute the fluffy pulp, together with a small measure of winter-spices (grated nutmeg and ginger) and sugar, brown, to sufficiently sweeten it (2 tablespoons to one half-cup). Fuss in circles the mixture assiduously with a wooden spoon, then let it be served hot in a bowl with sweet cakes floating in it, and to which an adding of ground almonds sprinklings makes it even that much better!

”Sing We Now A’Wassailing” by Ellsworthcreations

Awakened be your Tree Spirit,
Healthy and be whole be you!
Cellar Door

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  1. WHAT a sweet & lovely blog. I'm so glad to know you are posting! Off to warm some cider...Cheers!