Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moments of Passion

"Love Birds" is an original hand-drawn illustration
by Nikki Catalano, and is available for purchase ~~>

Happy Passion Fruit Day!
(complete with an exclamation point as golden as the delicious treat 1 February celebrates, and, hopefully, you do, too!)

This fragrant aureate “banquet” for the tongue buds has love powers in this amour~y month! (<~~That of which also devotes its day fourteen to romance!) If you kiss a passion fruit today, most certainly a meant just for you dreamboat will sail in your direction, and a love fantasy promises to be true!

Muah, passion fruit,

POSTSCRIPT: How to make a good passion fruit selection? It must be squeezable. That is to say, if you cannot press your finger into it, it is not the one you’ll enjoy.


  1. Love the blog makeover and the shower of stars that comes with it!

  2. Dear Miss Debra,

    Thank~you for finding my new~found spiffiness pleasing! (Although the starfall is at times bashful, it makes me smile when out from behind virtual clouds it does sometimes choose to come, that of which is the case is so far ~~until it gets the hang of it, I guess. lol!)

    Happy PF Day! Did you kiss a Passion Fruit? If you aren't able to locate a gilded one, a purple will do nicely as well! (But steer clear of those the shade of Frog. As I hear it, sometimes you have to smooch a tremendous amount of those, before a Prince finds you in front of him!

  3. I have an award for you on my site if you're interested...please do stop in to the cottage!