Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Do Believe in Fairies! I Do! I Do!

The Lost~and~Finders

At this summer’s end, before Gemmama flew off for Across the Pond to pay visits to her dearest and oldest friend, Luella, she asked me (out loud and with eyes that I do love how they smile!), “Could you, oh, would you? Please say you will be my house’s custodian while I am far, faraway --and caretaker of my

Spit~Spotty, too?”

Without pause, I shouted, “Yes, a thousand times!“ because magical describes best what my grandmother’s “Home, Sweet Home” is --and her little kitty~catty, too!
My grandmama, the most cheering person in the land
(and I imagine yours is, too, on the grounds that aren’t they all?! Lol!) and delightful Missy L do adventure so well together, and in that the time has been a plentiful much since they have played, my expects tell me it will be many, many days until Gemmama’s distant~elsewhere fun and frolic will cross the finish line! Clearly, then, I needn’t tell you all the various everythings and importants I did have to remember to bring with me for my lengthy stay at my new diggings. Except perhaps one, by reason of February Fairies, namely: my foil bin!

Because I tend to be a Misplacer, I have collected colorful tin foil ever since... ever since... Quite honestly, I can not recall an instance when I didn’t, it’s been that “forever”! There, there. Before the Confusion Bug can take yet another nibble of you, I shall kindly explain myself and this Tried~and~True that I look to on a regular basis.
Whenever I lose something, and no amount of searching and retracing of steps will turn it up, I call upon the fairies. Although I make cut fine lost~article announcement in my greetings to them, fairies always know ahead what has become invisible to human eyes. But unless they are assured that the “loser,” for lack of a better word (Undoubtedly, there is one, however, it escapes me now.) is a sincere person, and that they will receive something in return for retrieving a missing item, and

because they are reluctant to not be bashful, they will look the other way. Being that fairies are partial to sparkly, an offer of sparkly as the reward, makes for the ultimate enticement.

Put something shiny, like a bit of tin foil, crumpled
(I prefer colorful sorts.), under a glass near where fairies would be. (At Gemmama’s, it is in the wax begonia “forest” growing in the big planting box on top of legs with the shelf at the bottom, where naps are taken by Spot, who keeps a cozy bed there. Fairies like flora and fauna!) Then, tapping into that part of your heart labeled “Humble,” ask the fairies to bring back the lost object in exchange for the all~that~glitters.

It may take a few days, sometimes seven, before LO AND BEHOLD! Your missing treasure will show itself in a place you’ve already looked for it umpteen times, or it will be deliberately placed somewhere absurdly silly! (As you know it, fairies are not opposed to fun and funny!) Next on your agenda: un~glass the foil ball to reward fairies as promised. Soon, and not unlike your once lost “something,” the crumpled shiny will disappear!

In closing, might I toss you a pearl of wisdom?
(Thank~you in advance!)

Once upon a Yuletide , I misplaced the book of postage stamps necessary to send my written holiday cards on their Merry Christmas way. Caught without even the tiniest morsel of foil to encourage fairy helpers, I substituted a silver Santa bell under the glass. The very next day, the stamps surprised me from under

the puff~puff

in my dusting powder round! But for three nights that were in a row, I was [Jingle! Jingle!] wide awake!

. . . . .

Thank you ever so much, Miss Danni for this wonderful opportunity to share in your February Fairies jubilee! To my Readers: To make yours a truly magical Faeful February, please accept this invitation to read other participating guest bloggers’ entries. Simply click The Whimsical Cottage button, above.

May a joyful heart be yours!
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  1. I'm visiting via The Whimsical Cottage to tell you that I LOVE this post. I read like giggly poetry. I really enjoy when practical magic, just happens!

    By the way (and I think I told you this once before) I really like the title of your blog. Luna is one of my favorite Harry Potter characters.

  2. What a fun post this was!
    Hubby has misplaced his winter gloves so I will be seeking the assistance of the Fae in retrieving them....

  3. What a delight to make your acquaintance, and I have signed on to follow your charming and beautiful blog!! Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog! Looking forward to a long and magickal friendship! Robin.

  4. I love this charming and delightful post too -- it would make a terrific children's book! Tinfoil and Silver Bells! What wonderful illustrations it would lend itself to!

  5. Hm.. This fairy thing... Do you think it would work for marbles? Just kidding! This post was delightful!

  6. Hello dear friend! Just popping by to thank you once more for participating in my faery fun festivities! I love your post and will be collecting all manner of shiny treasures for the fae from now on! <3