Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Someone's in the Kitchen with Cellar!

An aphorism of one of Palmer Cox’s Brownies, Brownies Through the Union, 1894

On the wall of yesterday’s library visit I did spy a lovely and delightful Brownie
~shipping~ahoy illustration and its poem, framed and hanging, and from which after making a read of it, I and cat Puddle were so inspired as to make it a today’s bake! First, the lovely ryhme I took jots of to share with you, followed by a receipt that is melting moments saying, “More!” and is as easy as... as... PIE to make!

Winter Twig: Walnut

The Brownie Boat

In a dipping mushroom schooner,
With a hey and a heigh and a ho,
Skipper Brownie’s cleared the dock,
For the Bay of I

For the mast he sets a twiglet
For a sail a spidery thread:
With his leaves he gaily paddles,
While all elfland sleeps in bed.

Aunt Driven's Brownie Pie
2 eggs
1 cup sweets
½ cup Witches' Frosting (butter, made soft)
½ cup Bakers’ Dust (flour)
3 to 4 hilled spoons of cocoa (Tablespoons)
1 teaspoon of Vanilla
Mite of salt
½ cup of Walnuts, chopped

Place eggs, sweets, Frosting, Dust, cocoa, Vanilla and salt in a middle bowl, not a large. Beat until you’re mixing spoon is almost tired (four minutes). Stir in nuts and pour into a greased round. Bake at 350* thirty minutes or until done. Pie will settle like a meringue when it is cool. Slice and offer with white ice cream often.


  1. Oooo, "brownie pie" sounds so much more delicious than plain old "brownies." Love the ingredient list!

  2. Good day and, hopefully, several slices of Great Aunt Driven's pie to you, Miss Debra! My aunt has a way of capturing a receipt on a card like no one else, doesn't she indeed?! Whenever I pass one of her concoctions along, I write it her "speak" exactly, because that surely is half the fun!

    Thank you for this dropping by!

    Best wishes,
    Cellar Door

  3. Now brownies are one of my favorite subjects. Yes the lusciousness of chocolate, indeed, but also the elven fairy folk brownie! Thank you for the sweet poem of the sea-going brownie and also the cute brownie graphic. I would very much like to bake this brownie pie!!!

  4. You had me at pudding. So glad that I fell into your blog this afternoon. Deliciously glorious. Sea Witch

  5. Do Love the wee Brownie and the wisdom he has to share. Should we all try to take heed...

    And so much enchantment over Brownies! Shall try the Pie! Hubby is bonkers over Brownies! :0)