Monday, February 28, 2011

For You, One of My ButtonsnBows: A Magickal Shape~Up!

Pie Crust Button

Might I share one of my ButtonsnBows with you? I was hoping you'd say yes! Here goes --Oh! But before I forget, ButtonsnBows are my "ways" to Manifestation (<~~the "bow"), all of which typically incorporate pie-ing (<~~the "button" part). Now on with the show I then be:

When letter by letter in doubt, this is a nice spell for "clearing" (to make what is veiled, or otherwise not evident to the eye or the understanding, reveal itself): As you pie~form a crust, visualize your desires also taking shape. When you put the filling in, bless it, allowing what you have worked with your hands and through visualization to be full upped with positive vim!


  1. I like that. I think it is a great way of visualizing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I LOVE this idea!! How fun! I like to bless dishes of candy around my house to get extra "UUMPH!" out of my treats. :)

  3. Hello and Good Day, Miss Anastasia,

    You are very welcome, and you are welcome to a piece (or two or three --what ever your appetite is up for, since I found two LARGE seal~ups of strawberries and rhubarb hiding out in Gemmama's freezer to fill 3 tins, not just one!) of Strhuberry Pie. And the manifestation it's crust~shaping promised did lift fog enough for me to crystal~clearly see an answer, which turned out to be "Yes!" to the adopting of a kittensister for Puddle, who I have been long perhapsing over! It is a white kitkat whose shape is like that of an garden egg, yet Garden Egg is not a lovely tag for a pretty little cat, so I shall call her Plum instead! I suppose I could name her Aubergin –that would be lovely and suitable-- but Plummy suits her much better (and is sort of the color of an Egg Plant, wouldn’t you agree?)! I am excited with my decision! For now, though, I must go walk a few dogs before the day gets away from me. I have two separate poochstrolls scheduled for the later part of this day, so I must make pit-pats on my way!

    Enjoy your slice of pie and don’t forget to make a wish on its point!


    P.S. You are the first to know about Plum!

  4. "ButtonsnBows"? How sweet! I adore your whimsy!
    If I baked pie, I certainly would one-the dough to clear my head. Instead, I'll just have to make do with the "chew"! (pondering and sorting thoughts while I enjoy the dessert!)

    Please accept this invite to MY TODAY'S BLOG titled, "What If God Was One of Us?" I think you'll find it's interesting since it is about a lovely dog, her owner, and The Above.

    P.S. CONGRATULATIONS! I just read in your comment, above, that you're about to adopt!

  5. Greetings, Miss SparkleFarkle! I did read your heartfelt doggy story and, indeed, a handkerchief did much tear-dabbing throughout. I truly wish our pets could be with us forever and ever and ever and a day!

    Because some plenty-time has passed since I last posted a blog entry, I can now happily announce Plum is "home" and presently sits beside me at the kitchen block as I type this happy "hello" to you!

  6. Oh my goodness I am missing your sweet blog posts. I was looking for your email address to say hello to you, and please come back to us. Congratulations on Plum and hoping all is well. It is almost summer, and you must share what you are doing these days!!! Hugs and blessings to you from Robin.